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Coming Soon! The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Rick Altergott!

I am proud to announce that cartoonist Rick Altergott has agreed to participate in an interview for the Plaza of the Mind.

I have been a huge fan of Mr. Altergott's Doofus as well as his one-page short subjects since I first discovered them in the early nineties. Mr. Altergott has an amazing talent for comedy and, as he has displayed in recent issues of he and wife Ariel Bordeaux's Raisin Pie, the drama.

Prepare yourself!


I Think I Understand It Stephen

I really can relate to your reasons and I wonder if the truth behind all of it is really as simple as it has been portrayed in the interviews and the film.

I remember what it was like during my childhood, when I felt the need to act clandestinely at all moments, when the actions I did were nothing compared to the actions required to cover it all up. I always felt like the eye of God was looking down upon me from up high, piercing through the clouds and the roof and the ceiling into my childhood bedroom.

Nothing made me feel good except for Second Wind [You're Only Human] by Billy Joel.

Did you like that song too Stephen?

You're only a year younger than myself. I wonder if we would have gotten along.

Let me explain the image. You'll notice the white-out. I am trying to recall, in the viewers mind - at least, the end of time as expressed by the large anti-matter wave in the 1985 comic work Crisis on Infinite Earths as well as 1988's Akira.

I wonder if that is what the end…

I Dream of Stephen Glass Visting my Brutalist Style Home in Early Autumn

From time to time my mind takes me back to author Stephen Glass. I had never heard of him until I had seen the film Shattered Glass starring Hayden Christensen, however, this led me to pick up Glass' novel The Fabulist which I found highly intriguing.

Stephen Glass seems like quite a likable person. Many would say that that is just one of many manipulative walls that the sociopath Glass has placed around him.

The thing is, I like the reality that Glass created in his articles. He had a talent for fabricating intricate truths that fans of politics lapped up like cream. I honestly don't understand what the huge controversy was. So he presented fabricated stories as truth. So he ruined the reputations of political movers and shakers. So what?

Glass wrote an article about a fundamentalist church that worshiped George Bush: now whether or not such a church exists seems to me quite beside the point. The idea, however, is truly inspired.

The New Republic shouldn't have fired …

One For the Billy Joel Fans

Billy Joel wallpaper. 1024x768 resolution.


Absinthe Dreams

Had a taste last night at a friend's house and it left quite an impression on my unconscious mind.

Absinthe is typically green (either naturally or with added color) and is often referred to as la Fée Verte ('The Green Fairy'). Because of its high proof and concentration of oils, absintheurs (absinthe drinkers) typically add 3-5 parts ice-cold water to 1 part absinthe which causes the drink to cloud, called 'louching.' Often the water is used to dissolve added sugar to add sweetness. This procedure is considered an important part of the experience of drinking absinthe, so much so that it has become ritualized, complete with special slotted absinthe spoons and other accouterments. Absinthe's flavor is similar to other anise-flavored drinks, with a light bitterness and added complexity imparted by multiple herbs. [from wikipedia [bold-facing by potm]]

And then I find out today is the final day for the eabsinthe gallery contest hence the above image.


Celebrating One Year and Over Three Thousand Views!

I started the Plaza of the Mind one year ago this evening. I had just attended a Bob Larson exorcism and was feeling the need to share it with the world.

Since high school I have kept a journal in one form or another and have a large box filled with drawings, thoughts and stories to prove it. I have been going back over these works for the last few years and they divided themselves up into three main sections:

The Green Notebook [198x-1996]
The P-Journal [1996-2004]
and the C-Journal [2004-2006]

I consider the Plaza of the Mind to be the latest incarnation of this activity - an electronic version of the journal I have always kept - Part Four, I suppose.

To be quite honest - Part Four is easily my favorite in that it has kept me more focused than ever and it is a heck of a lot easier to carry around.

The mind boggling leaps in Private Computing and technology in general have made it possible for me to collage and comment upon the world like never before - plus, I get to share it with people…

Dean Bodbeil Confirmed as Cast Member of 'Look Out Below'!

Look Out Below!, the forthcoming Sitcom based on the Stand-Up comedy of Kurt Weller has been plagued with delays for the last several months.

However, some good news has arrived!

It has been confirmed that Avant-Garde Poet and PretenderDean Bodbeil has agreed to take on the role of Cody, the gas-masked missile silo janitor. He has been contracted to do the first thirteen ten-minute episodes of the series, joining the current cast of Kurt Weller and David Pin pre-production.

Stay Tuned for more details!



Portraiture has become my favorite pastime.


Project N or the 'I'm Gonna Rip Off Greg Lester Yet Again' Project


Inspired by Greg Lester's year long Story of the Monthendeavor I have decided to follow his lead and hereby announce the Plaza of the Mind's Project N.

Starting in July, Project N will feature a new chapter from Kurt Weller's new novel The Sinkers.

Each chapter will be released in the PDF format at the Kurt Weller Resource Center. An audio file of the author reading the current chapter will also be made available for those who like to read their stories on the go.

Stay Tuned for further developments and the first chapter of The Sinkers.

Plaza of the Mind First Year Gala!

On June 24th the first year of the Plaza of the Mind will come to a close. We would like to thank all of you who have hung around this little slice of intellectual property and made it worth sharing.

If you like what you've seen so far - stay tuned - there are many more exciting surprises on the way!


Fan Fiction 0001 - Robert Hartley meets George Jefferson

1951: Operation Hudson Harbor

The United States prepares to establish Nuclear Capability by running several dummy B-29 runs from Okinawa.

E-4 Robert Hartley meets E-2 George Jefferson for the first time on the starboard side of the USS Calvert just as the dummy warhead carrying B-29s zoom over their heads and the Pacific.

Bob: I can't believe it's gone this far.

George: I think we ain't seen nothin' yet.

Bob: The whole idea is rather frightening, I never thought I'd see combat.

George: It'll be alright, I was nervous before my first boxing match but [demonstrates an uppercut and then a right roundhouse] I made it through and now I've actually made good.

Bob: Walther?

George: Feather.

Bob: Name's Bob Hartley.

George: George Jefferson. Good to meet you.

Bob: You married?

George: Nope. You?

Bob: Not yet. I went and saw a fortune teller the other night though and she said 'Seattle'.


POW Mind Control Experiments

Enter Frank Costanza


Plaza of the Mind purchases Dean Bobdeil's Weblog!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Dean Bodbeil has agreed to sell off the rights to his web log and poetry works to Plaza of the Mind for an undisclosed sum. [Though it is rumored that Dean is currently auditioning the Dodge Magnum and Toyota Scion].


Legends of Dean IV

Dean's wife Mandy worked at the same SuperMart that he did and they were raising a child together. Mandy would often be waiting at the busstop with the baby, Dean would get off the bus and take the baby and Mandy would get on so she could go to work on time. Dean was often sad during this time because he rarely got to see Mandy.

Mandy was quite quiet and reserved and she never said much to me. We would often wait at the same busstop together. I would get on while she and Dean exchanged the baby and then she would sit in the seats closest to the driver while I would head for the rear corner of the bus.

Mandy was quite attractive and I often wondered how she had come to be in a relationship with Dean.


Legends of Dean III

and I remember sh-tfoot Dean Bodbeil...

I... remember Dean... Bodbeil

I remember ...Dean...Bodbeil



Legends of Dean II

I was online at the SuperMart and Dean Bodbeil was bagging groceries. His face looked ashen and his brunette wig was askew. He picked up the phone and made a call. He hung up the phone, apparently quite disappointed. He asked me 'Paper or plastic?' and then he turned and vomited into one of the plastic bags at the end of the conveyor belt.

He looked at me and said 'they wouldn't let me go home, this place sucks.'

He ran off towards the bathroom.

The phone near his register rang.

I picked it up.


'No,' I said, 'I am a customer, Dean vomited into a bag and ran off to the bathroom.'

'He really needs to go home then.'

'I think so'.

A young lady came and finished checking me out.