Monday, May 14, 2007

The Limpies Label

I stopped wearing Logo t-shirts in 1997. Maybe it's the summer weather that's comning through the window and that smell of a freshly laundered t-shirt but I sure miss my old Limpies shirt. It had the above logo on the front and an image of a girl, back to the camera, tight lace pants and her hands on her butt on the back. That was the coolest shirt I ever had. It was so comfortable and my buddy Kacz gave it to me because it couldn't fit across his broad shoulders and athletic chest.

So I thought, perhaps like some pre-mid-life crisis, I'm gonna get me some Limpies for the summer and I go to ebay and there's nothing but a 'Spock Lives' vintage Limpies sticker. No gear. No shirts, no pouches, nothing.

Of course, now I want the Limpies more than ever and I now have another fetish item to add to my ever increasing repetoire of discontinued must-haves:

Girders and Panels construction playsets
Winners brand athletic boxers
Diner's Club credit cards
Civil Defense instructional materials and outfits

If you are stockpiling any of this stuff [especially the Limpies - summer grows near]