Thursday, May 31, 2007

Legends of Dean

When I first met Dean Bodbeil he had claimed to be friends of Brian Applegate of the band Reload. Brian had just contributed a cut for the new Devo release, The Adventures of the Smart Patrol. Dean thought this was pertinent because I was wearing a Devo student tee as he rung up at my groceries.

Dean had the gift of gab and he was somewhat reminiscent of the character Kenny Banya from the popular Seinfeld situation comedy program in that he was always aiming to please.

For several years I thought that Dean had a twin brother with dyed blond hair - until one day I realized that Dean had two different wigs that he wore at the grocery store - one blond - one brunette. This was a couple of years prior to the Sh-tfoot incident. Those were fond days of our friendship and I miss the simplicity of them.

Before Dean adopted the Sh-tfoot persona. Before Dean sullied my reputation at alt.slack.