Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dennis Wheatley vs. Carter Brown

Dennis Wheatley: I say old chap, Londoners two are we...

Carter Brown: Lurid covers adorn our written words.

Dennis Wheatley: You don't mind if I light my pipe, do you?

Carter Brown: Not if you mind my whetting my whistle.

Dennis Wheatley: A young lady or two may brighten our discussion somewhat.

Carter Brown: Now you're speaking American pops! Take a look behind you.

Dennis Wheatley: I say.

Carter Wheatley enters the room.

Carter Brown: Who the hell is that? He looks just like me!

Dennis Wheatley: My sentiments exactly old boy.

Carter Wheatley: My name is Carter Wheatley, you will both forget me, as well as most readers of this short subject, but I will return in a long-form work and few will remember this, my introduction.

Dennis Wheatley: Rather!

Carter Brown: Carter needs a highball! And fast!