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Legends of Dean

When I first met Dean Bodbeil he had claimed to be friends of Brian Applegate of the band Reload. Brian had just contributed a cut for the new Devo release, The Adventures of the Smart Patrol. Dean thought this was pertinent because I was wearing a Devo student tee as he rung up at my groceries.

Dean had the gift of gab and he was somewhat reminiscent of the character Kenny Banya from the popular Seinfeld situation comedy program in that he was always aiming to please.

For several years I thought that Dean had a twin brother with dyed blond hair - until one day I realized that Dean had two different wigs that he wore at the grocery store - one blond - one brunette. This was a couple of years prior to the Sh-tfoot incident. Those were fond days of our friendship and I miss the simplicity of them.

Before Dean adopted the Sh-tfoot persona. Before Dean sullied my reputation at alt.slack.


Thoughts of Jamal

I had a friend in Middle School named Jamal and I thought of him the other day. The above is a portrait of Jamal created by Deriva_K Laboratories to my specifications. They reportedly put the image together with several different 'found' images tailor made to my specifications. I don't know how they do that stuff over at the Laboratories but God Bless 'em.

If you're out there reading this Jamal, drop me a line man - we have a lot of catching up to do.


Bob Dobbs Diary (1935-1998) available at Eep²’s Blog!

Bob Dobbs Diary (1935-1998) available at Eep²’s Blog!

For those of you familiar with the ongoing works of ParamediaEcologist Bob Dobbs, [the subject of my recent Interview 'The Real Deal'] you may find this quite exciting. Eep² wrote, at FiveBodied, that:

I have posted Bob's full diary in chronological order (with a recent update he emailed me) on myblog. I am linking it to Wikipedia for more info about specific people, pop culture references, places, etc. Ideally, it would be nice to have on a wiki--perhaps Wikisource

This is quite a large undertaking and I appreciate all of Eep²'s hard work which can be found at Eep²’s Blog.


Top 100 Songs of All Time [TOP TEN] - Rupert Hine 'With One Look [The Wildest Dream]'

Top 100 Songs of All Time
Rupert Hine
'With One Look [The Wildest Dream]'

Anyone who has ever seen the 'Savage' Steve Holland Teen epic Better Off Dead will most likely recognize this song as the one that plays as John Cusack and Diane Franklin are sitting on his muscle car in the middle of the ballfield.

Simply hearing the first five seconds of this song does something so profoundly melancholy to me that I feel as though my heart may stop - and this is no exaggeration. Rupert Hine, who had worked alongside of Howard Jones and had a HoJo synthpop vibe to his music really captured something with this song - namely, how it would have felt to be a teenager and to be in love with Diane Franklin, arguably one of the most beautiful teen idols to ever grace the movie screen.

This song goes in the Top Ten of my all time favorites.


With one look you read me like a book
I was blind just in time you came to my mind
Eyes like starlight…

Saturday : Sunday : Monday : Funday is Everyday of the Week

Fat Albert and the Junkyard Band - Rock 'N Roll Disco

You will love the song
'Saturday : Sunday : Monday : Funday'!

Check it out!

The guy who runs this site seems to have impeccable taste in obscure tracks - prepare to spend some time perusing!


Comedy - I'm workin' BLUE now!

I think Greg Lester said it best when he said:
'You know you gotta work blue.'


All You Can Eat, Pay by the Pound
Subway Restaurant
The Works or Everything?
No Sound Effects
War of the Worlds starring Tom Cruise
Home of the Whopper

Due to the ADULT content of this recording, it will only be made available by request.


Top 100 Songs of All Time - Tricky 'For Real'

Some of these people have to life their life
For real
I dont have to, I got a record deal
For real

My buddy ET was the first to tell me about Tricky. The song 'For Real' is Tricky at his coolest. The British accent, the slight lisp, good stuff. Smooth, like Christopher Cross with a frog in his throat or what Michael McDonald would be if he grew up later and British.

I know, I know, what the hell do I know about Tricky? When have I ever mentioned Tricky to anybody ever?

I know, I know, the lettering on the above graphic is sort of lame.

I know, I know, I haven't seen ET in years and he probably doesn't think I'm cool anymore so why am I dropping his name like I'm some sort of hip-hop big shot!


Not In My Neighborhood

Hi Kids - this is Kurt Weller and I just want to tell you that there are better ways to get high than using inhalants. I get myself up high, not smoking weeds or snorting cokes or inhaling spray paints or model glues.

I get high creating content for my Plaza of the Mind!

I have never sniffed model glue. I used to go to a Five and Dime back home with my mother and the old man who ran the place asked me if I was going to inhale my Testors model glue when I purchased it. My mother assured him that I wasn't going to.

I was never a glue or gas huffer.

I am, however, fascinated by glue and gas huffers. I think that that old man at the Five and Dime planted some sort of seed in my head.

No man, my mother would kill me if she caught me huffing that stuff!

I have never sniffed model glue. I never did sniff it. I know what it smells like because I made model kits but I never huffed the stuff.

and again... No man! I don't need to sniff glue to get high! I can listen to Depeche Mode or ma…

The Sh-tfoot Revelation

Dean 'Uncut Deck' Bodbeil at 2000 Atsa Cup O' Coffee Ultra-poetry Opa-Mica
[Notice the Sh-tfoot t-shirt]

I would like to begin this post with a sincere apology to all of my readers. On March 27th I received a message from Plaza reporter 'Scoop' VanderDutch that several people had come forward claiming to be the infamous Sh-tfoot that had made an offensive comment to the Reverend Ivan Stang from the Dallas-based Church of the SubGenius, after I had made a public request for the person with the handle of Sh-tfoot to come forward.

The whole time I assumed that Sh-tfoot stood for 'Shotfoot'; Only this morning, after receiving a note from 'Scoop' VanderDutch did I realize the horrible truth: Sh-tfoot stands for 'Shitfoot'!

And worse yet: I created him;

and I had forgotten about him.

In 1997 my roommate Kacz and I were walking home from our favorite local watering hole when I accidentally stepped into a pile of dog feces. Being intoxicated I thought …

Three Quotes from Jerry Falwell



"Christians, like slaves and soldiers, ask no questions."

"If you're not a born-again Christian, you're a failure as a human being."

"Billy Graham is the chief servant of Satan in America."


Jerry Falwell (August 11, 1933 – May 15, 2007)

Dennis Wheatley vs. Carter Brown

Dennis Wheatley: I say old chap, Londoners two are we...

Carter Brown: Lurid covers adorn our written words.

Dennis Wheatley: You don't mind if I light my pipe, do you?

Carter Brown: Not if you mind my whetting my whistle.

Dennis Wheatley: A young lady or two may brighten our discussion somewhat.

Carter Brown: Now you're speaking American pops! Take a look behind you.

Dennis Wheatley: I say.

Carter Wheatley enters the room.

Carter Brown: Who the hell is that? He looks just like me!

Dennis Wheatley: My sentiments exactly old boy.

Carter Wheatley: My name is Carter Wheatley, you will both forget me, as well as most readers of this short subject, but I will return in a long-form work and few will remember this, my introduction.

Dennis Wheatley: Rather!

Carter Brown: Carter needs a highball! And fast!

The Limpies Label

I stopped wearing Logo t-shirts in 1997. Maybe it's the summer weather that's comning through the window and that smell of a freshly laundered t-shirt but I sure miss my old Limpies shirt. It had the above logo on the front and an image of a girl, back to the camera, tight lace pants and her hands on her butt on the back. That was the coolest shirt I ever had. It was so comfortable and my buddy Kacz gave it to me because it couldn't fit across his broad shoulders and athletic chest.

So I thought, perhaps like some pre-mid-life crisis, I'm gonna get me some Limpies for the summer and I go to ebay and there's nothing but a 'Spock Lives' vintage Limpies sticker. No gear. No shirts, no pouches, nothing.

Of course, now I want the Limpies more than ever and I now have another fetish item to add to my ever increasing repetoire of discontinued must-haves:

Girders and Panels construction playsets
Winners brand athletic boxers
Diner's Club credit cards
Civil Def…

And they all thought I was crazy!

The adjective Ballardian, defined as "resembling or suggestive of the conditions described in JG Ballard's novels and stories, especially dystopian modernity, bleak man-made landscapes and the psychological effects of technological, social or environmental developments", has been included in the Collins English Dictionary.

[from wikipedia]

I've been throwing this word around for years now! This has been one of my top aces-in-the-hole when driving by office parks and affluent subdivisions with man-madeponds and fountains.

People always say, 'what's that Kurt Weller talkin' about trying to sound all smart?'

Now I can reply, 'go buy a dictionary you goddam ignoramus!'


The Brothers Vander Dutch

"Please join me in a hefty round of applause for the Vander Dutch Brothers, a group of triplets that hail from Holland Michigan. I first met 'Stubs' Vander Dutch at the Knickerbocker theatre in downtown Holland while attending a screening of Macross II back in 1994. He introduced me to his triplet brothers 'Scoop', 'Script' and 'Sales':

'Scoop' Vander Dutch, in charge of publicity and fact checking for Plaza of the Mind.

'Script' Vander Dutch, in charge of IT and site maintenance for Plaza of the Mind.

'Sales' Vander Dutch, in charge of marketing and the new Plaza of the Mind Electronic Kiosk. As a matter of fact, those who have purchased items from the Kiosk have already received an email from 'Sales'!

The Plaza of the Mind just wouldn't be the same without 'em! Thanks guys."

Kurt Weller, proprietor

<---if---->----end if----

It has come to my attention that for the past several interviews, some readers may have noticed a statement similar to the following between several lines of text, jarring them from the otherwise steady flow that the Plaza of the Mind strives to create:

<---if---->----end if----

This has been happening to users of the Internet Explorer. The Plaza of the Mind uses Firefox as its browser and so it had been unaware of this problem. I have gone back and attempted to correct all of the prior interviews so that Internet Explorer users will be able to experience the site in its intended manner.

For the most part I have found that Firefox is a much more reliable product and would encourage anyone who has not yet experienced it to give it a try - I doubt there would be many regrets.

If not, however, I do want to assure all Internet Explorer users that the Plaza of the Mind will do all in its power to keep this sort of problem from happening again.

If you are an Internet Explorer user, perha…

The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Tape-beatle Lloyd Dunn!

Recently, Lloyd Dunn, co-founder of sound collage bands The Tape-beatlesand Public Works Productions, as well as early Xerox-Art collective Photostatic participated in an interview for the Plaza of the Mind. Mr. Dunn was kind enough to take some time and answer some questions concerning his works and general interests.
[The Plaza of the Mind quotes appear in Bold-type, Mr. Dunn's in normal-type]
I seem to ask everyone this question, so I will get it out of the way first: What is your favorite form of architecture?Although I am not indifferent to architecture, I have to say I don't have a favorite style. As in most things, my tastes are eclectic.

Where do you see the next five years of your works going? This one I can't answer. I don't know.

How do you feel about the proliferation of self-expression on line - do you think that the top-down establishment is on it's way out or will it be subsumed?
I think there's reason for some measured optimism, but I also know that …

The Northern Coastal Project

The Northern Coastal Project

by Kurt Weller

A documentary concerning the politics of change...
coming soon.

This will be my final word on my opinions concerning most everything