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Plaza of the Mind Wants Your Stories of Sleep Paralysis!

The Old Hag Syndrome, Ghost Press Bed, Hexendrücken or The Witch Riding your Back. Whatever you call it, Sleep Paralysis is one spooky experience!

I fell asleep on the couch. When I awoke I could not move my arms or my legs. My chest felt heavy and when I opened my eyes all I could see was the white of television static. There was a loud noise in my ears and I tried to lift my head off the pillow. I could not move. I began to panic. My heart beat faster and faster. It felt like there was something holding me down. Something sinister. I looked it up in a book and found out that it was known as The Witch Riding your Back by African Americans in the Southern United States. I did more research and found out that every culture had their own term for this phenomenon. Even the culture of science has attempted to explain it away, but is their version any more realistic than the others? Have they actually experienced this weight on their chests?

Have YOU experienced this phenomenon? Whether you believe in the scientific explanations or the spiritual, I want to know! Go ahead and share your Sleep Paralysis stories! You can remain anonymous if you wish.


Purtiy Salvation wrote [on 04-10]

In the winter of 1989 I moved into a small one bedroom apt and was sleeping in the living room on a trundle bed. I had only moved in a week or two before, with sparse furnishings and I had yet to receive a bed from my grandmother. She and my mother would soon come to visit and buy me a real bed as a housewarming gift, so I made do for the time being. I was a year and a half into my born again faze and had experienced some otherworldly things, so I was open to the most ridiculous of fairy tales and old/new world folklore. It's funny how that crowd seems tied to a "past" way of thinking, beyond frontier thought or country propaganda. It's really a holdover from centuries past when the church ruled the roost, or even a holdout from more sinister times.

I remember waking in the middle of the night and experiencing sleep paralysis, and I was sure a demon was sitting on my chest in the pitch black of night. I couldn't move my arms or legs. The weight of this demonic force was holding me to the mattress and disrupting my breathing. I began to pray and ask the lord jesus to save me. Moments later the "prayers" were answered and I was released from this "Devil's" hold. I had visions around this time as well, further "proof" of the end times and of god's "word".

It's funny that you mention this. I don't know if we have ever spoken about the subject before. Love the picture, by the way. It definitely captures the essence of my experience.

Anonymous wrote:

I have had a few times in my life and I am 22 now. The most vivid story is one time I decided to take a nap. I was exhausted from staying up late the night before so around 5 in the after noon I took a nap. Around 7 I could here my mom talking on the phone downstairs. However, I couldn't open my eyes or move my body. It felt like someone was holding me down. I told my mom about it and she said it was just a dream. I then told her details of her phone conversation with great precision. She then believed and we looked it up on the internet and found that it was sleep paralysis. Usually when this happens to me I try to hyperventilate to break out of it. Other times it just has to run its course.


Anonymous wrote:

Well, my story has a history. It started two months after I moved into my new house with my family. It was my eleventh birthday, and I was in the sixth grade. We all decided to play a game of Hide-And-Seek in the dark in my basement. I used to not fear it. It was just another room to me. When it was my turn my sisters and friends decided to play a trick on me and run upstairs while I was in the bathroom counting. When I was done I walked out the bathroom, and shut off the lights. I searched for a while and thought they all where together in one place. Then I saw.. something. I could a distance from the light coming through the window. I swore it was a person, because I felt her when I touched her. I ran back to the restroom, but shockingly she didn't follow me there, so I went back to that corner. She was gone.

Out of fear I ran upstairs, and everyone was laughing at me. I was upset and I kept questioning who was just down there but the promised nobody was. My sister said they had been waiting thirteen minutes and she wouldn't lie to me. She knows how sensitive I am.

It didn't occur instantly, but around that summer I was in my brothers room sleeping, and I saw this image move across the wall, just like a spider. A transparent spider. I closed my eyes and shook my head, and when I opened them it was gone. Instantly I felt this pressure on my throat, like I was choking. But I couldn't move, My chest felt crushed and I could hear the movie playing, and I could hear my brother. I tried to speak but I could only utter gasps, like my tongue was locked in place. Thats when I saw it again. Hovering over me. So I closed my eyes, and I shook, and shook. Finally it was gone, and I could move.

The next day I told my mother, and she instantly thought I was Mental. She set me up an appointed with the Doctor the following Monday. It was Saturday. That night it happened again, but this time I was on my stomach because I was too afraid to lay on my back. My head was in a strange position on the pillow, cause I had tried to roll over, but I got locked before I turn my face, and my nose was smashed against the pillow. I only could breathe through a crack of my mouth. A minute later, it was over.

I had it about once a month then, the next year twice a week, and so on. Now I have it everyday, multiple times a day, Back to back. I guess you can used to it, because I used to run to my sisters or my parents or my brothers room when I'd have it. They finally fixed my bed now that I'm sixteen, and my sister and I share a room, but lately she hasn't slept in there since she sleeps in the basement. She said she feels a wicked spirit in there. I know It followed me here. From the basement, to my brothers room, to my own. I feel it every time I enter the room, SO I just cast it out. Sometimes that's not enough. I used to think it only happened to me, alone and in the dark.

It doesn't matter where I am, night or day, touching someone, not touching someone, sleeping with someone, or sleeping alone. My mother still believes I'm mental. Oh and about that Dr's appointment. I don't have time for their BS. They'll only say "You need help, Blah Blah Blah. Here's Medication." I want a cure- not another guess. They know nothing about it. They haven't experienced it. It's like The Skeleton Key, you don't see it until you believe it. It's got me well. It's not a phase, I'm a kid and had it for 5 years.
How many of you can say you're terrified to go to sleep- every night?

I've tried casting it out, throwing oils through the house, praying at church, praying with my dad, praying period. I've tried the stupid methods like "No soda" "No horror flicks" "No staying up past 8:30" "Not thinking about it" "Sleeping with lights" "Taking Sleep Meds" it always comes back. In different ways, I sometimes feel my bed shake, or the power in my room goes out. Just my room, in this 3 storied house. The constant feel of someone in your presence, the constant look over your shoulder. My sister says I should just face it. Go into the basement like I was alone and in the dark, and call it there, and face it.

I wonder if she's out of her mind, but she's seen it before. She has it too just not nearly as bad. Maybe twice a year. It's strange, because my brothers seen it too. He's nine now. I was sleeping around 4pm after school and he was walking down the hall and my door was wide open. He said it was sinking into me. I don't tell him about the condition, because I don't want him afraid. I told him to tell me what she looked like...

And he said it was me.
Hovering over myself.
Just like I had seen.

Call me crazy, this bizzar whatever you want I don't really care. It gets real, it gets scary. I've left LOADS out but I like to keep some things to myself. For you've already judged me, and that's your opinion. Just note, I know what I've seen. I know what I've heard, I have five years of experience, call me a Pro. Just imagine going through school, to parties, anywhere. Dealing with this- Everyday. In class, at your desk. It's not a game. It's not in my head. I know what I'm seeing. You don't. Unless your had it like me, you have no idea.

So I leave Psalms:23 open, I read it before I go to sleep- sometimes it works. The world is full of spirits, believe it or not. I've just encountered a bad one.


Antonio Wrote:

I dont know why it happens, but everytime I sleep on my back or when I force myself to stay awake then fall to sleep, that witch always get on me. So now instead of trying to stay awake if Im tired I just go to sleep and I try not to sleep on my back (It really works). Yesterday my 3 year old daughter told me "she dont like the dreams where she cant move". Somebody please pray for her. I just hope my comment help anyone else who deals with "sleep paralysis" or that "witch".

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