Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More Audio Gold from the most Unexpected of sources!

I recently screened Jackie Chan's Police Story and Police Story II. In searching for lyrics to the amazing theme song [performed by none other than Mr. Chan himself] I stumbled upon JCMusic.

The sound quality may be far from extraordinary but the fact that these cuts are low-bit Wav files some how gives one the feel of old AM radio in the family garage and the smell of fresh cut grass. Now throw in a dash of melancholy in the form of heart wrenching harmonies and simple synth and you may start to get the idea, especially the song Movie Star from the 1984 album Love Me! Check it out!

Check it out doesn't express my feeling for this song Movie Star. Do yourself a favor - the must hear song of the year, etc. Please listen to Movie Star! If you like Plaza of the Mind even just a little bit you'll do it! Do it for me and my fucking backpain!