Monday, April 02, 2007

I Have Become a Thing Become Solid

Imagine this being the first image you see when you close your eyes and begin to drift off to sleep...

There is no horizon that you can see and the color of the floor extends infinitely. The only thing is the shape in front of you. It looks smooth, as if you might climb it. It looks sharp, as if it may cut you. You cannot tell how large it is nor how small because there are no other familiar sights that might give it scale. There is only one certainty. This is the beginning of your new sight and after this everything will become slowly slowly evident. You must journal it all. You must write it down because every time you forget you have to re-learn it. You may have time after you pass from this earth but I don't care to bet on it so I try to write it all down.

Somewhere out there there is another house that I live in. It's my house here. There is a room there and there are passages beneath work elevators and other such mysteries. You cannot become solid with me though. I can't bring you here, I can only report.

In this world a man can become a woman and a woman become a man. The unsolid can become solid as long as it is willing. Soon I will have become a thing become solid. I will have become a woman and become a man again.

Welcome to the true Plaza of the Mind. No one answers my questions here. I must create the answers myself. And the questions.

Soon this will be the only thing it is about. Soon all references to the outside world will be abandoned.

Don't worry though. Fans of the Plaza of the Mind Interview series have much to look forward to as the site will not solidify for another six years... [I'm beginning my sixth iteration now, the magic doesn't happen until we get to the seventh]