Monday, April 30, 2007

'Contributors to Kurt Weller's Aesthetic' - Series 0001 - Gene Deitch

Gene Deitch moved to Prague and made thirteen cartoons for the Tom & Jerry series between 1960 and 1962.

My friends and I became captivated by his work when we realized just how strange it was during our teenage years. We had always felt that the Tom & Jerry's he made were somehow off as children but when we recalled them later during high school and even college it made the desire to see them again that much greater.

I found Dicky Moe on YouTube today.

Anyone who has seen it in the past will want to check it out again. Anyone who hasn't will want to just to see what happens when a true artist takes an established icon and has their way with it.

These cartoons were not well received. For this I thank Mr. Deitch, one of the people who helped form some of my aesthetic at a young age.



What People Are Saying About the Plaza of the Mind

...[Plaza of the Mind] impressed me in its magnificent weirdness...this sorta je ne sais quoi that you find in interesting art... ...I mean that purely as a compliment!

Stefene Russell

Plaza of the Mind is a clinamen away from the holeopathic replay by the Android Meme of the old perceptual agon of electrically-programmed youth confronting the Gutenbergian Establishment. Irresistible Force meets Immovable Object.

Bob Dobbs