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'Contributors to Kurt Weller's Aesthetic' - Series 0001 - Gene Deitch

Gene Deitch moved to Prague and made thirteen cartoons for the Tom & Jerry series between 1960 and 1962.

My friends and I became captivated by his work when we realized just how strange it was during our teenage years. We had always felt that the Tom & Jerry's he made were somehow off as children but when we recalled them later during high school and even college it made the desire to see them again that much greater.

I found Dicky Moe on YouTube today.

Anyone who has seen it in the past will want to check it out again. Anyone who hasn't will want to just to see what happens when a true artist takes an established icon and has their way with it.

These cartoons were not well received. For this I thank Mr. Deitch, one of the people who helped form some of my aesthetic at a young age.


The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Bob Dobbs - Part One

The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Bob Dobbs!

'The Real Deal'

This is the Bob Dobbs interview that I have been waiting to read since 1993 and I am thrilled that Mr. Dobbs was willing to answer some of the questions that have been bouncing around in the plaza of my mind since I first heard the record Bob's Media Ecology Squared.

The following interview was conducted between February 5th and March 25th, 2007 through electronic mail.

Due to the length of the interview, it will be presented as a PDF file rather than published in its entirety here. Casual visitors to the Plaza or for those who are on the fence as to whether or not they want to commit to such a lengthy read are urged to check out the following excerpts:

[The Plaza of the Mind quotes appear in Bold-type, Mr. Dobb's in normal-type]
I have always been fascinated and comforted by the situation comedy. As a matter of fact I am now producing one entitled 'look out below!' I was wondering if you could expla…

Sometimes I Feel Like a Nixonless Child...

Sometimes I Feel Like a Nixonless Child....

A Long Way from Home.


I am that girl with braces
and I am that man Richard Nixon


The Plaza of the Mind Electronic Kiosk Is Now Open!

We are pleased to announce the opening of the Plaza of the Mind Electronic Kiosk!

Plaza of the Mind 'Ringer' T $14.99
Plaza of the Mind Mug $10.99

You can now purchase commemorative souvenirs from the Plaza of the Mind! Pick yourself up one of our Limited Edition T-shirts or Coffee Mugs featuring Kurt Weller's new Plaza of the Mind official logo! Our goal is to sell ten of each. When those ten are gone they will not be replaced so act now!


The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Katy Ellis O'Brien!

Katy Ellis O'Brien will be presenting her senior thesis, Letters from Underwood (a story in pictures), at the Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington from May 10-23. I was happy that she was willing to take time from her busy preparations to participate in an interview for the Plaza of the Mind.

Ms. O'Brien also has an online gallery that you may peruse here if you can not make it to the show.

[The Plaza of the Mind quotes appear in Bold-type, Ms. O’Brien's in normal-type]

Who do you think has inspired your style the most?

Cartoons and comics are probably my main influences. My approach to drawing can be traced back to slavishly following every step in books like "How to Draw Donald Duck." My favorite book of that nature was (and still is) "Cartoon Animation" by Preston Blair. It's just a simple breakdown of how to build a cartoon character out of shapes and lines.

In more recent years I've taken more inspiration from art history, espe…

Public Relations response to person who commented on Clifford Irving video

This was just sent to me from Bobby 'Words' VanderDutch at the Plaza of the Mind
PR department:

My twin brother 'Scoop' tipped me off to what a viewer at YouTube posted on your channel concerning your Clifford Irving movie:

weird. lame. why post such a non-response?

So's I sent her the following explanation:

The Plaza of the Mind is an avant-garde think tank built around the inner-workings of artist Kurt Weller. Mr. Weller's writings, images, as well as his videos have no basis in ordinary reality. Rather, these films are made simply because they need to be made and so they are made - this one, I believe, Mr. Weller filed under 'Sketch Document', and was meant to detail his ongoing struggle to implement the Plaza of the Mind's Public Outreach program. He found Clifford Irving's experiences to be quite interesting and thought he would make a good candidate for an interview at the Plaza. He was unaware that a film had already been ma…

Panawave Laboratory - Ontarian Wave Subsidiary

The Plaza of the Mind is proud to present:
The Ontarian Wave Subsidiary

Computerized North Americanization of original Panawave Laboratory Page entitled:
"Symposium Kyoto meeting 1999 April 14th thinks of the electromagnetic wave and the like"--------------------------------------------

Now available at the !NEW! OntarianWave Subsidiary Home.

Check it out here.

More Audio Gold from the most Unexpected of sources!

I recently screened Jackie Chan's Police Story and Police Story II. In searching for lyrics to the amazing theme song [performed by none other than Mr. Chan himself] I stumbled upon JCMusic.

The sound quality may be far from extraordinary but the fact that these cuts are low-bit Wav files some how gives one the feel of old AM radio in the family garage and the smell of fresh cut grass. Now throw in a dash of melancholy in the form of heart wrenching harmonies and simple synth and you may start to get the idea, especially the song Movie Star from the 1984 album Love Me! Check it out!

Check it out doesn't express my feeling for this song Movie Star. Do yourself a favor - the must hear song of the year, etc. Please listen to Movie Star! If you like Plaza of the Mind even just a little bit you'll do it! Do it for me and my fucking backpain!


Plaza of the Mind has become Plaza of the Backpain!

I am taking 400mg of Ibuprofen Q4 - I hope to have the Plaza back on the Mind and off of the Back ASAP.

Coming Soon! The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Negativland's Don Joyce!

I am pleased to announce that Mr. Don Joyce of legendary sound collage collective Negativland has agreed to participate in an interview for the Plaza of the Mind!

Stay Tuned!


Addendum to The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Greg Duffell of the International Connection!

Daniel Besharat just sent me the following images of he and Greg Duffell's Sunday morning protests in front of CKLN in Toronto.
55 Gould St. , right in front of CKLN headquarters.

If you haven't heard the International Connection yet I encourage you to. It is a show unlike any other and you'll be glad you did!

There are twelve shows available for download here...

And there are five parts from the final show of October 8th 2006 here.

Believe me, if I were in Toronto I'd be protesting right alongside of them [and anyone who knows me knows I've never been big on protesting]

Plaza of the Mind Wants Your Stories of Sleep Paralysis!

The Old Hag Syndrome, Ghost Press Bed, Hexendrücken or The Witch Riding your Back. Whatever you call it, Sleep Paralysis is one spooky experience!

I fell asleep on the couch. When I awoke I could not move my arms or my legs. My chest felt heavy and when I opened my eyes all I could see was the white of television static. There was a loud noise in my ears and I tried to lift my head off the pillow. I could not move. I began to panic. My heart beat faster and faster. It felt like there was something holding me down. Something sinister. I looked it up in a book and found out that it was known as The Witch Riding your Back by African Americans in the Southern United States. I did more research and found out that every culture had their own term for this phenomenon. Even the culture of science has attempted to explain it away, but is their version any more realistic than the others? Have they actually experienced this weight on their chests?

Have YOU experienced this phenomenon? …

The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Greg Duffell of the International Connection!

You may have noticed over the past few months that there has been a great deal of controversy concerning my upcoming interview with ParaMedia Ecologist Bob Dobbs. After I had come under attack from the Dallas based Church of the SubGenius for simply expressing interest in Mr. Dobbs I decided to construct an article that would detail the controversy in hopes of making some sort of sense of it all. The article, which I thought would be finished by now, seems to have taken on a life of it's own. As I researched the debate I have been in contact with several different people on either side of the issue. Most of them have given me concise statements to work with, for which I am quite grateful, while others have actually engaged in rather substantial dialogues.

The following interview falls into the latter category. As Mr. Dobbs had been one of the originators of Toronto's CKLN radio program The International Connection, I found it fitting that I should attempt to get in touch w…

What in God's Name do I know about California?

I've been listening to Rush Hourby Jane Wiedlin over and over again. The song makes me feel horribly melancholy. Beyond melancholy. That kind of feeling in the chest that gets you smelling spring time again in the dead of winter.

What do I know about California and Jane Wiedlin? The song is like an example of complete discarnate malaise. I don't know where the connection to this song comes from. I have the vinyl LP and single and used to listen to it repeatedly in my bedroom while my best friend had gone off to University and I was still in community college.

I'm not even sure that Jane Wiedlin has anything to do with California. I've been to California and it reminded me of the first day of Michigan spring but in an affluent way. The smell of sun and money rather than sun and Amway.

I feel such disconnect at this moment. I think Rush Hour may be a key of some sort. How many times does it need to play before it opens up a door to an Endless Summer [not to be con…

Plaza of the Mind Public Outreach Continues!

Kurt Weller has joined the half-a-million other writers of FictionPress in hopes of spreading his works and expanding his readership.

Selections of his fiction will now be hosted here after they have been debuted at the Plaza of the Mind.

The first work to be featured will be the piece of experimental fiction entitled: Incident at Fingies.

Unfortunately, FictionPress requires authors to wait three days until they are allowed to publish their debut works. Incident at Fingies will therefore be made available on Monday. We apologize for the delay.


I Have Become a Thing Become Solid

Imagine this being the first image you see when you close your eyes and begin to drift off to sleep...

There is no horizon that you can see and the color of the floor extends infinitely. The only thing is the shape in front of you. It looks smooth, as if you might climb it. It looks sharp, as if it may cut you. You cannot tell how large it is nor how small because there are no other familiar sights that might give it scale. There is only one certainty. This is the beginning of your new sight and after this everything will become slowly slowly evident. You must journal it all. You must write it down because every time you forget you have to re-learn it. You may have time after you pass from this earth but I don't care to bet on it so I try to write it all down.

Somewhere out there there is another house that I live in. It's my house here. There is a room there and there are passages beneath work elevators and other such mysteries. You cannot become solid with me thou…