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The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Elizabeth Moon!

Recently, Elizabeth Moon, author of The Speed of Dark and The Hunting Party, participated in an interview for the Plaza of the Mind. Ms. Moon was kind enough to take some time and answer some questions concerning her works and general interests.

[The Plaza of the Mind quotes appear in Bold-type, Ms. Moon’s in normal-type]

Who are some of your favorite authors?

This is a problem question, because I have a lot of writers I like, and any list will leave out too many. Also, favorites change with time--my favorites in my twenties may not be my favorites now (especially in some areas.) John McPhee (Coming into the Country, Basin and Range, Giving Good Weight, many others), Lewis Thomas (Lives of a Cell and others), Gregory Bateson, Gerald Durrell, John Keegan, Churchill...all nonfiction writers. In fiction, Jane Austen, Willa Cather, G.K. Chesterton, Anthony Trollope (for the Barchester novels), Surtees for the hunting novels, Kingsley's political novels (but notWater Babies…

'S' for Sh-tfoot

In response to my Sunday post asking for the person calling him/herself Sh-tfoot on the Stang-Dobbs controversy to come forward, I was surprised when in-house reporter 'Scoop' VanderDutch sent me the following memo:

So far I have gotten emails and phone calls from SIX people claiming to be Sh-tfoot. Kind of like that movie 'V' for Vendetta ain't it boss? I thought it was gonna be tough finding out who this fruitloop was, now I gotta figure out which fruitloop it ain't! I'm startin' to feel like Woodward or Bernstein (which one was Bob Redford?)! Welcome to Dobbsgate boss!
- Scoop

I guess I'm in this for the long haul whether I like it or not.


The Kurt Genius Memorial Songbook

+Kurt Genius - American Singer/Songwriter 1991-1998+


The Kurt Genius Memorial Songbook

Volume 001 - Verses 01-04:

---Canada [Let's Defect To]---

---Company Man---

---My Pale Bridesmaid---

---The More To Love---

+These four cuts are available for FREE at Myspacemusic.+

So check them out!

+cover of the limited run Kurt Genius book c. 1992+


Kurt Genius was the discarnate media image of Kurt Weller from 1991 to 1998. Mixing mythic punk rock sensibilities with a lounge singer's commitment to excellence Kurt Genius recorded several Pop Songs. These songs have been newly remastered and have finally been made available to the public at large through the Plaza of the Mind's Closed Circuit Outreach Program.


I Think that was a Compliment but what in the Heck does it Mean?

A few readers have commented on the Bob Dobbs quote adorning my What People Are Saying section, stating that they are having a bit of difficulty in understanding exactly what the quote means. I myself had to look up many of the words [in the hopes that the quote meant something positive], and so, with dictionary in hand, I have decided to translate the quote into layman's terms for myself and the ease of my audience. To those media students who knew what the quote meant from the get-go you have my admiration.

The original quote:

'Plaza of the Mind is a clinamen away from the holeopathic replay by the Android Meme of the old perceptual agon of electrically-programmed youth confronting the Gutenbergian Establishment. Irresistible Force meets Immovable Object.'

-Bob Dobbs

According to Wikipedia, Clinamen is the name Lucretius gave to the spontaneous microscopic swerving of atoms from a vertical path as they fall (2.216-293). According to Lucretius, there would be no contact bet…

Please Help Me Identify Sh-tfoot.

During the Dobbs-Stang debate a user identifying him/herself as sh-tfoot posted a comment about a run-in he/she had had with Stang. He/she referred to Stang as a 'Crybaby'. I asked Stang if he had any idea who this Sh-tfoot was [Stang referred to him/her as 'Shitfoot' - leading me to believe that the two are acquainted. Stang was unable or unwilling to fill me in on Sh-tfoot's identity.]

The Plaza of the Mind's house journalist 'Scoop' VanderDutch has been authorized to offer a REWARD for anyone knowing the identity of Sh-tfoot.

The person who comes forward with this information will receive a FREE copy of the forthcoming Plaza of the Mind Annual.

Please contact 'Scoop' through his email at

Thanks in advance.


Ramble World Virtual Tour!

During my final years at University I worked grounds at Ramblewood apartments in Michigan. Now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology you can take a Virtual Tour of the complex.

Just clickhere and you can experience the scenic locale that I had a part in sculpting.


Top 100 Songs of All Time - Mari Iijima 'Angel Paint'

Top 100 Songs of All Time - Mari Iijima 'Angel's Paint' [TENSHI NO E NO GU ]

Angel's Paint is one of many versions of this song title that I have heard. It is also referred to as Angel's Drawing Tools, but I think that Angel's Paint sounds better.
This is actually one of my TOP FIVE favorite songs of all time and it should be on everyone else's list as well. I AM NOT KIDDING. I feel that this song captures the essence of an entire era, the melancholy, innocence and happiness that defined my adolescence. I believe the song was recorded in 1983 and this video appears to have been shot from around that same time.

I have decided to include this video due to the fact that Ms. Iijima's songs are more difficult to obtain than the others in my Top 100 list and want all of my readers to know what the big hubbub is. Go ahead and like the Aerosmith song says 'Just Push Play'.

I would also like to thank Filsmeeds of Stockholm for sharing this video with th…

The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Paul Robb of Information Society!

I had been a fan of Information Society since the release of their self-titled LP in 1989. But it was their follow up release, Hack, that propelled them into the forefront of my favorite recording artists, a spot that they have remained in ever since. The original line-up of the band [Paul Robb, James Cassidy and Kurt Harland] dissolved shortly after their third release, Peace and Love, Inc., and was continued solely by lead singer Kurt Harland on the incredibly atmospheric Don't Be Afraid.Information Society had not recorded any new material since that 1997 release and I had begun to give up hope of ever hearing anything new until last spring when it was announced that Paul Robb was working on a new record [Synthesizer] with James Cassidy and newcomers Christopher Anton and Sonja Myers and would soon be playing select cities. I was lucky enough to catch the reunited Information Society last summer [see my coverage of the show here] and had an amazing time. Information Socie…

Someone Made A Font Called Grand Rapids!

And you can purchase it here for only twenty bucks!


POtM's 'If It Were Up To Me' Series Part One: I'll Take My Solaris Remake with a Touch of Alexander Please.

If I had done the Solaris remake it would have starred Jason Alexander rather than George Clooney.

I believe he would have nailed the role of Kris Kalvin in a precise and emotionally riveting manner.

MDO By-Product Now Available at MySpaceMusic!

As part of the Plaza of the Mind global outreach program, MDO By-Product, Kurt Weller and Greg Lester's seminal 1991 jangle-pop band is now being hosted at MySpace.Com as well as Download.Com.

If you have not had a chance to check out the tunes yet this might be a good time to give them a listen. The MySpace Music server seems to have an easier interface - give it a try! It's Free!


Plaza of the Mind gets a FaceLift

You may have noticed a bit of a change here at the Plaza of the Mind. Mr. Weller is in the process of trying to create the most relaxing environment possible in this electronic environment.

I hope that you enjoy the site and that the new layout does not disorient or enrage. If you have any negative {or positive} feedback please let me know - it is not good to keep these things bottled up as they only lead to dis-servicable outcomes.

-Kurt Weller


My Youth in La Grande Vitesse

There was something sinister about that relationship, and the moist cool spring air, and I don't think I'm ever really going to know. I know I am never going to really know at all. Anything.


Streaming Faith Pass - Highly Recommended!

Dear Kurt Weller,

Thank you for registering at! We are so excited that you have joined us and are confident that you will be blessed! Your Faith Pass now gives you access to the video and audio content available throughout the site.

There's one more quick step you need to take to give you access to all of the interactive features of the new My Community section. Through this exciting new area you'll be able to share prayer requests and testimonials, join in our Discussion Board, get a daily devotional from a well-known Christian leader, read weblogs, and let your voice be heard via our online polls.

To complete your registration and gain access to the new My Community section, all you have to do is click the link below to authenticate your e-mail address. This will help us keep the Streaming Faith Community safe from abuse.

'Look Out Below' has been suspended Indefinitely due to Technical Difficulties at the Plaza Closed Circuit Studios!

Due to a private computer malfunction, Kurt Weller's 'Look Out Below!' has been suspended for an indefinite period of time until the problems can be rectified and the complex electronic creative systems brought back on-line.

In the meanwhile, the Plaza of the Mind will continue to work within the parameters of Mr. Weller's new stripped down private computer environment. What does this mean to the average Plaza of the Mind aficianado? It means an indefinite suspension in new audio and video projects but a probable increase in literary and visual outpourings.

We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to getting our state of the art systems back on-line.

-the Management

The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Kathryn Harrison.

Kathryn Harrison, author of The Seal Wife, The Binding Chair, Envy and Poison has left a huge impression on me with two of her earlier works, Exposure and The Kiss. I own several of her volumes and look forward to reading all of them. Ms. Harrison is easily one of the most honest and compelling authors I have ever read.

I sent Ms. Harrison an invitation to participate in a short piece for the Plaza of the Mind and she was generous enough to accept it.What follows is an electronic interview conducted with her over the past couple of weeks.I cannot express how excited I was that she agreed to answer some of my questions. Enjoy!

For a Printer Friendly PDF version click HERE.

[The Plaza of the Mind quotes appear in Bold-type, Ms. Harrison’s in normal-type]

I have to admit, I am a newcomer to your work, having read only Exposure and The Kiss, but I've picked up Poison, The Seal Wife and The Binding Chair and look forward to reading them. Also, at the risk of sounding too self-deprecatin…

The Hermitage

My place is in the Plaza of the Mind.

I get overwhelmed by the freewheeling flow of opinion that the internet provides and so I try to shield myself from it as much as possible, especially all the negativity which at times begins to resemble toilet room scrawl, and think of my haven as a hermit may think of his mountain retreat.

This is an excerpt of one of my letters to the Reverend Ivan Stang. I believe that it best describes my Inner Channel philosophy with an honesty and conciseness I have never before been able to articulate.

I am thankful to have this refuge from where I might survey what is going on in the world yet still be able to control my level of information intake.

I am even more thankful to have visitors come to see me in my hermitage from time to time and hope that they never cease to visit.


19 Homes - Home 04 - The Suburbanite

19 Homes - Home 04 - The Suburbanite