Thursday, February 22, 2007

'Look Out Below!' Delayed!

Plans for a new Plaza of the Mind situation comedy are now in the works! Production has begun on the Pilot episode of 'Kurt Weller's 'Look Out Below!''

The orginal set had to be dismantled...

To make room for the new compositing equipment...

However, due to new advances in Mr. Weller's personal technology, the first episode has been delayed. Please trust me when I tell you it will be well worth the wait and will create an even stronger viewing experience than was promised before!

The show has been described as a Cold War Situation Comedy taking place in the mid-seventies during Richard Nixon's third term in the White House. The show will feature Mr. Weller as Tylon VanderJack, a somewhat disgruntled employee of the federal government working 2,000 feet below the surface of the Copper Harbor Nuclear Missile silo.

Plans are for the show to begin in bi-monthly installments starting with the pilot episode on Wednesday, March 15th of this year. Depending on time and budget constraints Mr. Weller hopes to eventually work up to a monthly or even weekly episode.

The series will debut right here at the Plaza of the Mind (and also at the Guestservice2000Channel on YouTube)!

Be Prepared to 'Look Out Below'!



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