Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Deriva_K Laboratories joins the Fray

Audiologist L from Deriva_K Laboratories sent me this revised image this morning. I had commissioned the Lab [who are responsible for many of the images found in this journal though they usually request to remain below the radar] to do the original Canada-Dobbshead graphic that appeared on my February 7th post to advertise my upcoming interview with Bob Dobbs.

I was requested to take down the image by the Rev. Ivan Stang which I gladly did. I replaced the image with a black box that stated the image had been removed per Stang's request. I had recieved literally dozens of comments and messages regarding the 'Thurday Night Incident' and in the confusion I had completely forgotten to notify Audiologist L what had happened.

I suppose a bit of background is necessary to make sense of this:

Audiologist L prefers to live in a state of Inner Channel Harmony, meaning that he/she [I have never met this person and he/she only communicates via the US Postal service] never looks at media of any kind. Audiologist L will not even discuss his/her location and his/her mail never has a return address and always comes with different postal stamp locations on the envelopes.

I first came into contact with Audiologist L in 2002. Deriva_K Laboratories had a short lived web presence and it was during that three month window that I was able to contact him/her. I had sent a letter to the PO Box listed on their site, stating how impressed I had been with their 'Living on Tokyo Time' soundtrack remix.

Six months later I received an unmarked manilla envelope containing seven Cd-Roms filled with Deriva_K content. There was also a short note that read:

You were Fan-Zero
We take orders from you
from here on out

I was confused by this and placed the note with the earlier package in my desk drawer. Four months later, after a night of heavy drinking, I decided to test them. I sent the following request:

Please send me an image that I could use to illustrate beauty.

They sent me this:

This morning I received a manilla envelope with the revised image of Bob that appears at the top of this post along with this message:

The illegal image now resides in the Deriva_K Laboratories isolation vault, please destroy any and all copies in your archives as soon as possible.
In the interim please make use of the enclosed revised image.

Your humble servant, Audiologist L


What People Are Saying About the Plaza of the Mind

...[Plaza of the Mind] impressed me in its magnificent weirdness...this sorta je ne sais quoi that you find in interesting art... ...I mean that purely as a compliment!

Stefene Russell

Plaza of the Mind is a clinamen away from the holeopathic replay by the Android Meme of the old perceptual agon of electrically-programmed youth confronting the Gutenbergian Establishment. Irresistible Force meets Immovable Object.

Bob Dobbs