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Plaza of the Mind Interview with author Kathryn Harrison Coming Soon!

I am pleased to report that Kathryn Harrison, author of The Seal Wife, The Binding Chair, The Kiss and Exposure recently participated in an interview for the Plaza of the Mind. Though relatively new to her work, Ms. Harrison has left a huge impression on me and I look forward to sharing the answers to the questions I sent her over the past week.

While I work on polishing the rough draft of my interview I encourage those unfamiliar with Ms. Harrison to check out her website . She has a great biography page and several past interviews.



During my monthly literary research excursion I came across a book entitled: Etidorhpa or The End of Earth. The book was written by John Uri LLoyd and illustrated by J. Augusts Knapp in 1898.

The illustrations spoke to me like impressions from a deep sleep. As I stood there in the book store, looking through the pages, reading snippets of prose I knew that this would be perhaps one of the most rewarding book buying experiences I would ever have.


Plaza of the Mind Interview with Melinda Smith [Part Three]

I regret to inform you that Melinda Smith has decided not to finish up her interview with the Plaza of the Mind. Melinda seemed to become upset during the second phase of the interview process and has now stated that she will not answer any more questions and will not send out any copies of her 'zine to the Plaza.

I find this quite regretful. I understand Melinda's desire not to finish up the interview and I do not hold it against her. I only want my readers to know that in all sincerity I was not 'messing with Melinda' during the interview process. I have nothing but the utmost respect for her and her video channel [which is infinitely more popular than the Plaza].

I only asked her questions concerning the Bob Dobbs controversy because that was what led her to my site to begin with. On Alt.Slack the Reverend Ivan Stang wrote:

ThatPlaza of the Mind guy seems to be more enamored of you than Deannow!

I find it regretful that my sincere interest in a fellow video artist…

Plaza of the Mind Interview with Melinda Smith [Part Two]!

Check out Melinda's answers to the Plaza of the Mind's questions!
This section deals with my upcoming interview with Bob Dobbs of Fivebodied.Com.

Melinda shares her views about the Dallas-based Church of the SubGenius as well as her misgivings concerning the Fivebodied Bob Dobbs.

A comment made by my colleague Greg Lester sums up my thoughts on this exceptional video diarist:

Intriguing and unique, Melinda at MelsBasketcase is doing what most blogger's attempt to convey, but with a style and honesty that is refreshing. I find myself at a loss in explaining the day to day activities we all face, and she is an inspiration.

Melinda Smith Interview Part Two


Plaza of the Mind Mission Statement - Verse 01

0001 - The Plaza of the Mind is interested only in providing a relaxing haven.


Ma - Wa - Na

Plaza of the Mind Interview with Melinda Smith [Part One]!

Melinda of MelsBasketcase was gracious enough to accept my invitation to participate in an interview and she did so this morning on her YouTube Channel. You can check it out here. I am in the process of having her answers transcribed and a text version will be made available as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Kurt Weller auditions for the Bree Van de Kamp Fanlisting!

We all have dirty little secrets - sometimes they must be exorcised!


from Always A Lady:
Currently, you have been placed on the members queue for approval. You are not yet part of the fanlisting. If in two weeks, you have not yet been notified of your approval and you are not yet listed at the members list, please feel free to email us and check up on your application.


Greg Lester's Monthly Story

Greg Lester, my long time friend and colleague has been writing a Story of the Month and has been publishing since late last year at his Pure Agony electronic journal. I have just read Part Four and I thought that the Plaza of the Mind audience would find the story to be quite interesting.I have been reading Mr. Lester's work for the past fifteen years and I have to say that he is achieving higher levels of literary expertise with each piece that he composes. I've always hated that saying 'Do yourself a favor and check it out,' but it is completely fitting in this case. So do yourself a favor!

Greg Lester's Story-of-the-Month:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four


Plaza of the Mind mentioned at Melsbasketcase!

I am pleased to announce that the Plaza of the Mind has been mentioned at Melsbasketcase, one of the coolest Youtube channels I have ever seen! I have found that Melsbasketcase is also a webzine and I encourage you to check it out.

Here is the video [The reference to the Plaza occurs at around 5:45]:

It is events like this that keep the Plaza of the Mind going!


'Look Out Below!' Delayed!

Plans for a new Plaza of the Mind situation comedy are now in the works! Production has begun on the Pilot episode of 'Kurt Weller's 'Look Out Below!''

The orginal set had to be dismantled...
To make room for the new compositing equipment...
However, due to new advances in Mr. Weller's personal technology, the first episode has been delayed. Please trust me when I tell you it will be well worth the wait and will create an even stronger viewing experience than was promised before!

The show has been described as a Cold War Situation Comedy taking place in the mid-seventies during Richard Nixon's third term in the White House. The show will feature Mr. Weller as Tylon VanderJack, a somewhat disgruntled employee of the federal government working 2,000 feet below the surface of the Copper Harbor Nuclear Missile silo.

Plans are for the show to begin in bi-monthly installments starting with the pilot episode on Wednesday, March 15th of this year. Depending on time an…

I have stumbled on an Audio Goldmine!

During my upcoming interview with Bob Dobbs {which I am proud to report is coming along quite well}, I was turned on to the works of Dr. Peter Beter [a well-respected Washington, DC attorney, Doctor of Jurisprudence, and expert and consultant in international law, finance, and intelligence, who received much of his information from associates in the CIA and other intelligence groups of other countries who disapproved of many of the things happening or being planned behind the scenes -Robert E. McElwaine {B.S., Physics and Astronomy, UW-EC}]

Dr. Beter recorded a series of audio letters between 1975 and 1982. They are all collected at Dr. Peter David Beter.Com. I downloaded the complete colletion last night and it adds up to over 80 hours of material. I have listened to the first two audio letters and I must say that they enter the ear and roam around the mind's plaza like poetry. Dr. Beter's voice was pleasant yet authoritative and the words he speaks recall the meme of My…

Kurt went away from the winter

зима пропускает его

почему он пошел прочь от зимы

было оно авария или скрытое побуждение

Winter passes it
Why it went away from the winter there
Was it emergency or the concealed motive?


Plaza of the Mind Interview with Insoc's Paul Robb! Coming Soon!

Information Society is arguably one of the best electronic bandsin the history of the genre. With chart topping hits including 'What's on your Mind [Pure Energy]', 'Walking Away' and 'Think' the band has entertained thousands. I have been a huge fan of the band since the late 1980s. I was thrilled when Paul Robb, one of the original founders, was gracious enough to agree to a Plaza of the Mind interview. The interviewing process was slightly delayed due to Mr. Robb's being snowed in at NYC, but he is back home and has answered the first volley of questions. Stay tuned!


The Plaza of the Mind Annual. Coming Soon!

The Plaza of the Mind Annual 2006-2007

Collecting the first year in one volume.


Available July 2007 for [Price TBA].

Pre-order your copy now!

Top 100 Songs of All Time - Rise

It reminds me of this airport restaurant. Quite smoky, Plexiglas windows that were tinted and scratched, keeping hot summer air outside, keeping the inside chilled. In the seventies air conditioning felt different. It felt diseased. The carpet was soft but stank like smoke. The food was good, but then all the food was good when I was that age. I was waiting with my mother and father to go somewhere. I stated above it was an airport restaurant but it may not have been. I think that it was elevated. I think we were there to see Europeans.

Herb Alpert's amazing song 'Rise' may have been playing.

It's Snowshuffle Season

At my high school the Sadie Hawkins dance was called Snow Shuffle. Whether this was a result of some sort of Anti-Al Capp sentiment I am unsure but we all went to Snow Shuffle while everyone else went to Sadie Hawkins.

As you know, the girl must ask the boy whether he wants to go to the dance. I had to ask another girl to ask the girl I wanted to ask me to ask me. I really wanted to go with the girl that I had ask the other girl but she had told me we were just friends. I ended up going to the Snowshuffle dance. The night of the dance my date's father was in the hospital so we went to visit him before the festivities began. He had tubes in his nose and was hooked up to an EKG but he was making the most of it and gave us a big smile and told us to 'have fun'.

This sort of thing is quite common for me. Nothing ever goes smoothly, like it would have for Sinatra, there's always something strange or grotesque that happens to accent an otherwise romantic or festive event…

Plaza of the Mind Interview with Adam Parfrey.

I first heard of Adam Parfrey in the late nineties when I picked up a copy of his record A Sordid Evening of Sonic Sorrows:A collection including covers of Lou Reed [Kill your Sons] and Black Sabbath [Paranoid] as well as several memorable originals, my favorite being Nation Down For the Count, which can best be described as an easy listening rant.I later discovered that Mr. Parfrey was also a book publisher and is the founder of Feral Housebooks.I had already been a great fan of Donna Kossy’s book Kooks, which was published by Feral House.Feral House specializes in books dealing with the extremes of human behavior and outsider art.They are not books for the squeamish but they are quite well crafted and nothing if not interesting.I sent Mr. Parfrey an invitation to participate in a short piece for the Plaza of the Mind and he was generous enough to accept it.What follows is an electronic interview conducted over a couple of days.Enjoy![The Plaza of the Mind quotes appear in Bold-type,…

We ask for your opinion

On the sidebar you will find a new Cussavco survey box. We here at the Plaza invite you to participate. Thank you in advance.

Rot & Die 1999 hits the 200 Listen Mark!

I am pleased to announce that Rot & Die 1999, a song recorded by myself and Greg Lester as MDO By-Product, has hit the 200 Listen Mark at Download.Com. This is a joyous occasion, knowing that for almost a year now the song has been listened to by at least two hundred people!

To all who have downloaded or streamed:
Thank You!

And if you haven't checked it out yet, please take the time to do so now.

We'll see you at 300!


Information concerning the 100 listen mark.

Plaza of the Mind Interview with David Blair! Coming Soon!

I have recently begun work on an interview with the filmmaker David Blair, creator of Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees. Mr. Blair was kind enough to take some time and answer some questions concerning his work on Wax and his upcoming film The Telepathic Motion Picture of THE LOST TRIBES. Anyone familiar with me knows that I hold Wax in high regard and consider it one of the most important films ever made.

This promises to be quite an insightful interview and I invite you all to check it out in the next few weeks.

Just to join the Blue Oyster Cult

The oyster boys are swimming now
One deal is what we made
Forest keys and whirlwind cold
Green keys too and keys of gold
Even locks that wont explode
When the skies become a scroll
Having lost its interest
See thats the deal we made
Just to join the oyster cult
The blue oyster cult


Deriva_K Laboratories joins the Fray

Audiologist L from Deriva_K Laboratories sent me this revised image this morning. I had commissioned the Lab [who are responsible for many of the images found in this journal though they usually request to remain below the radar] to do the original Canada-Dobbshead graphic that appeared on my February 7th post to advertise my upcoming interview with Bob Dobbs.

I was requested to take down the image by the Rev. Ivan Stang which I gladly did. I replaced the image with a black box that stated the image had been removed per Stang's request. I had recieved literally dozens of comments and messages regarding the 'Thurday Night Incident' and in the confusion I had completely forgotten to notify Audiologist L what had happened.

I suppose a bit of background is necessary to make sense of this:

Audiologist L prefers to live in a state of Inner Channel Harmony, meaning that he/she [I have never met this person and he/she only communicates via the US Postal service] never looks at med…

Controversy at the Plaza of the Mind Rages on!

From the Thursday Night incident:

Kurt Weller:

'I was once told by the proprietor of Club Devo that the feud was actually a performace piece perpetrated by you and Mr. Dobbs and I was just working under that assumption.'

Rev. Ivan Stang:

'Jerry Casale at Club Devo was pulling your leg -- he loves to chump people, knows perfectly
well that Dobbs is fictional, and probably just wanted to see how
much MORE silliness you might swallow. The DEVO guys are all major
league pranksters.'

Out of curiosity, I decided to contact Mr. Casale and explain the situation to him. I told him both sides of the story in a dossier-style note and he responded to me in a very short, yet very telling manner. He replied simply:

'Think Tony Clifton.'

Tony Clifton, for the uninitiated, was an alter-ego created by comedian Andy Kaufman. Andy Kaufman denied that he was Clifton and claimed that Clifton was a fellow comedian. He even went so far as to have his friend play Clifton so the two …

Controversy at the Plaza of the Mind! Continues!

Highlights from the Plaza's Thursday Night Incident:

Kurt Weller:

I was hoping I could do a short piece for the journal concerning you and your works and perhaps get to the bottom of this Dobbs controversy. I was once told by the proprietor of Club Devo that the feud was actually a performace piece perpetrated by you and Mr. Dobbs and I was just working under that assumption.

Rev. Ivan Stang:

Jerry Casale at Club Devo was pulling your leg -- he loves to chump people, knows perfectly
well that Dobbs is fictional, and probably just wanted to see how
much MORE silliness you might swallow. The DEVO guys are all major
league pranksters.

Kurt Weller:

If you would be willing to engage in an interview [to clear up this controversy] I would be thrilled.

Rev. Ivan Stang:

'That would be a possibility, someday, but I certainly am not going to
talk to somebody who continues to refer to Bob Dean as Bob Dobbs.'

'What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any o…

Controversy at the Plaza of the Mind!

Much to my surprise there has been a great deal of controversy here at the Plaza of the Mind today! Readers may have noticed that in the previous post entitled Coming Soon! Plaza of the Mind's Interview with Bob Dobbs!, I was asked by the Reverend Ivan Stang, the co-founder of the Church of the SubGenius, to remove the image of his trademarked character J.R. 'Bob' Dobbs from this journal. I removed the image as soon as I could and sent Mr. Stang the following message:

I have removed the image of Bob from my site per your request. I have always been a huge fan of your Church of the SubGenius [though I never paid my dollar] and in no way meant to cause you any disrespect. I am especially fond of your Arise! video tape.
As for my interview with Mr. Dobbs [not to be confused with the Church of the SubGenius trademarked icon J.R. 'Bob' Dobbs] I plan on publishing it as planned and am hoping that I might be able to conduct an interview with the Reverend Ivan Stang…

Coming Soon! Plaza of the Mind's Interview with Bob Dobbs!

I am in the process of proof-reading and following up on an interview I conducted with Bob Dobbs [Canadian Media Ecologist, McLuhanite and all around interesting guy!] earlier this week. Bob was good enough to answer many of the questions I have wondered about over the years and I must say that I am thrilled with the answers. The interview will be made available here soon. Please stay tuned!


In the terrible future when a clone of David Lee Roth will lead a robotic satan cult on a rampage through the futuropolis, who will stop him?

Kurt Weller can have fun too!

Greg and I talked about an office with movable desks that would work on the same 'electrical hook arm' principal that drives the traditional amusement park bumper car.


Figure 01 - 'we should have never gone through with it'

He kept repeating that he and his wife were cousins and that 'we should have never gone through with it.'he states that he finds himself quite afraid of his son, stating that his son has developed 'ultra-humanistic powers of perception, due to the fact that his mother and I have almost identical genes.'The patient states that his wife and he are so similar that he has become entirely at a loss when she is near.He also stated, in a humorous manner, that his wife may not truly exist at all, and it is quite possible that his son is the result of some sort of asexual reproduction that may have occurred during a three week period last autumn.The patient stated that he cannot remember anything about the three week period and that he has a hard time remembering his son existing before that.