Monday, January 08, 2007

A Note to Clifford Irving and a Response

Quoting Kurt Weller:

Dear Mr. Irving,

My name is Kurt Weller and I have been fascinated by your ongoing adventures since seeing the Orson Welles film. I've read your biography of Elmyr and the book Hoax.

I self publish an electronic journal, a sort of avant garde one man
think-tank which is at times humorous, sometimes dramatic, always sincere.

I was hoping I could do a short piece for the journal concerning you and
your works. If you would be willing to engage in an email interview I would be thrilled.

If that is a possiblity and if you have the time for such things please let me know.

Mr. Irving wrote [Bold and Italics provided by Plaza of the Mind]:

You caught me at a bad time.

I'm off for the jungles of Mexico in three days.

No time for interviews. Good luck.


The following is a dramatic enactment of this email correspondence created exclusively for Plaza of the Mind. Enjoy!


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Stefene Russell

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