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Kenji Eno run through BabelFish

Kenji Eno is perhaps one of the most forward thinking video game designers. He has created several non-traditional games, one of which, D2, is easily one of my personal favorites. The following is a current post from Eno's blog, run through the BabelFish language service, from the original Japanese to English. This is so exciting to me because it recalls a game that Philip K. Dick had devised in one of his late sixties novels, Galactic Pot Healer, in which participants translated text into different languages and then back to their original language and then remarked upon the differnces. Eno's words translated through the language software become bizarre and warped [no pun intended, Eno's game company was called
]. for this exercise I will run the text through the Japanese--English engine, I will then run the English into French, the French back into English, the English back into the original Japanese and finally back into English. For brevity I will only include the original English translation followed by the final English translation. Enjoy:


Returning to the house more quickly than the usual, you eat dinner. You ate in the son and simultaneous, you applied, but just a little it was slow. It is regrettable it is eaten first. 3 terms of son started. The reason where class changes not to be, being the case that grade changes, term just changed without, but just one there are times when it changes. As for that, person in charge of class. Well, if so you say, the creature person in charge or the broadcast person in charge, after such oh shelf, you remember the time your own elementary school. The son as for 2 terms, the っ け which is the press officer. "The person in charge, it became new, it is? " "The う it is" "Obtaining? You became some person in charge? " "Laughing person in charge......" The obtaining ぇ ぇ it can be able be able to obtain, - - - - - the っ! ! ! ? ? ?


From usually returning to the house directly, you eat dinner. With the son, the application simultaneous eating, was slow exactly a little. First the fact that you can eat thing is regrettable. Three words of the son who starts. The word where the class which class changes changes exactly is changed, but exactly as for one when changing there, when is when is not, it is not. In regard to that, the person who takes charge of class. So if you should have said, the creative thing person and between you take charge the broadcast man-hour whom which you take charge after the shelf of that kind of Ohio state are remembered your yourself elementary school. In regard to two words the son? ? Is the public official of the publication or, which. Human that "you take charge is new, is that it became? ""? That "it is," you obtain? You became the person whom you take charge? "" The person who is laughed you took charge......" Acquisition? ? That is obtained, - - - - it is possible, -? ! ! ! ? ? ?

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