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Audio Corner - wxMusik player

Non-Paid Endorsement by Kurt Weller for the wxMusik player

Anyone who knows me knows that for the past eight years I have been looking for an mp3 player that would do away with all of the 'skins', 'buttons' and other such foolishness that have plagued even the best mp3 players since I have been an aficionado. The closest I came to satisfaction was the newer releases of Winamp with its fullscreen option but even that left me feeling unsatisfied. It was just too overcomplicated for poor old Kurt and not in a way that made me feel important.

Well, I'm here to tell you that I have found the solution to my problem with the wxMusik player.
This player does it all and it does it in a simple window that doesn't look much different than any other browser window on my operating system. It has a database, it renames tags and above all - it plays my music with my simple keyboard commands - fast and friendly!

Go download yourself the latest version! [windows and linux only…

'Look Out Below' Get's the Green Light!

Plans for a new Plaza of the Mind situation comedy are now in the works! Production has begun on the Pilot episode of 'Kurt Weller's 'Look Out Below!'' The set design and construction has been started and props are being gathered. The show has been described as a Cold War Situation Comedy taking place in the mid-seventies during Richard Nixon's third term in the White House. The show will feature Mr. Weller as Tylon Van de Kamp, a somewhat disgruntled employee of the federal government working 2,000 feet below the surface of the Upper Penninsula of Michigan in a Nuclear Missile silo.

Plans are for the show to begin in bi-monthly installments starting with the pilot episode on Wednesday, February 28th of this year. Depending on time and budget constraints Mr. Weller hopes to eventually work up to a monthly or even weekly episode.

The series will debut right here at the Plaza of the Mind (and also at the Guestservice2000Channel on YouTube)!

Be Prepared to …

Three Men

Lee Harvey Oswald

Sirhan Sirhan

Bob Woodward

Oh Pretty Woman

We start with Edward Van Halen's 'Intruder' as two little people molest a pretty young lady.

We continue as Van Halen insults three target audiences in one shot.

David Lee Roth as Quasimodo...

Michael Anthony as the samurai...

Alex Van Halen as the Jungle King.

Edward Van Halen as the majestic Gunslinger.

The face-off, Van Halen vs.

the hubris of David Lee Roth?

And we conclude with a nod and a wink to feminists everywhere.

. . .

I have finally seen the video for Van Halen's Pretty Woman. I have been wanting to see this video for twenty some years now and I have to say that after all of the waiting I am not disappointed. I can understand why it was not included on the Van Halen Video Collection as its subject matter is rather politically incorrect. The video features two little people dressed as Native Americans harrassing a beautiful blonde woman tied to a stake while a hunchback [David Lee Roth] stands by helpless, watching the entire scene, reminiscent of some sort…

Kenji Eno run through BabelFish

Kenji Eno is perhaps one of the most forward thinking video game designers. He has created several non-traditional games, one of which, D2, is easily one of my personal favorites. The following is a current post from Eno's blog, run through the BabelFish language service, from the original Japanese to English. This is so exciting to me because it recalls a game that Philip K. Dick had devised in one of his late sixties novels, Galactic Pot Healer, in which participants translated text into different languages and then back to their original language and then remarked upon the differnces. Eno's words translated through the language software become bizarre and warped [no pun intended, Eno's game company was called
]. for this exercise I will run the text through the Japanese--English engine, I will then run the English into French, the French back into English, the English back into the original Japanese and finally back into English. For brevity I will only include t…

Excerpt from my activity at FiveBodied: Tell Us Devo

Post subject: Tell Us DevoI once emailed the 'Tell Us Devo' online newsletter and asked if Mr. Casale had any info behind the 'Ivan Stang - Bob Dobbs' feud since Devo had been colleagues of the Dallas Church of the Subgenius. I had been reading about this feud, and was alarmed at many derogatory stabs at Mr. Dobbs, online [this was c.2000] My question never appeared on the official 'Tell Us Devo' site, but I did recieve an email response some time later [I regret to report that it was lost in a private computer disaster] from whomever was running the 'Tell Us Devo' newsletter. The author said that [and I paraphrase from memory] 'the entire debacle is an orchestration carried on by both parties'. I want to know if this is a fair assesment of what had happened. Mr. Dobbs attempted to explain on the Nardwar show the origin of the church of the subgenius as cargo cult - which seems entirely accurate to me, but it seemed as though Mr. Nardwar did not…

Everywhere I go - People want to Know - Who I am - So I tell them

Everyone I meet asks me what makes me tick. 'What does a guy like Kurt Weller like to do with his free time?' they ask me. I'm not one to promote the existence of the outer channels with the vehemence of many of the others I encounter in the electronic environement, but I feel that the new group I have just joined needs to be shared with my audience.

For the last several years I have been a huge aficienado of the works of Mr. Bob Dobbs. Dobbs is a Canadian media ecologist and Mcluhanite and has been operating just below the cultural radar on radio and the World Wide Web for the past twenty years. Before that Dobbs was part of the moneyed elite and behind some well known assasinations and smear jobs. Dobbs had a change of heart and decided to bring his media ecology on the road with compact discs and radio broadcasts. The following online community is dedicated to a discussion of Dobbs. It is also a wonderful resource for copies of the original radio shows and other …

A Note to Clifford Irving and a Response

Quoting Kurt Weller:

Dear Mr. Irving,

My name is Kurt Weller and I have been fascinated by your ongoing adventures since seeing the Orson Welles film. I've read your biography of Elmyr and the book Hoax.

I self publish an electronic journal, a sort of avant garde one man
think-tank which is at times humorous, sometimes dramatic, always sincere.

I was hoping I could do a short piece for the journal concerning you and
your works. If you would be willing to engage in an email interview I would be thrilled.

If that is a possiblity and if you have the time for such things please let me know.

Mr. Irving wrote[Bold and Italics provided by Plaza of the Mind]:

You caught me at a bad time.

I'm off for the jungles of Mexico in three days.

No time for interviews. Good luck.


The following is a dramatic enactment of this email correspondence created exclusively for Plaza of the Mind. Enjoy!

'A' is for Revision

In 1991Greg Lester and I created the short subject ‘A’for the Sony Visions of America contest. The contest was a chance for young video artists to have their work displayed and reviewed by such big name actors as LeVar Burton and Johnny Depp. Unfortunately, in my haste to get the tape out by the deadline I neglected to send a return address. Subsequently the status of the short subject has remained a mystery for all of these years. Who knows? Greg and I may have won the contest and never known it!
-Kurt Weller

In 2006 work has begun on theA’ Reimagining Project. The original 1991 video has been run through the modern digital process. Annoying tics and humbars are being removed and the action and drama are being enhanced with state of the art sound and video equipment. We hope that this project will be finished in time for the A fifteenth anniversary celebration this Spring. We hope that Mr. Weller will not make as foolish a mistake as he did fifteen years ago.

Westwood 7 - Introduction and Episode One Synopsis

In 1983 an obscure animation company located in the Beaumont Heights area placed all of their bets on a television series called 'Westwood 7'. It would be an action-adventure title, geared towards adolescent males, combining the science fiction and fantasy elements that were popular at the time with the dramatic elements of an after school special in the hopes of instilling a sense of social consciousness into its young viewers. Twenty-six episodes were scripted, but only twelve were actually shot. These episodes were not broadcast outside of the Beaumont Heights area, as they had been used as one of the flagship titles of the ill-fated Beaumont Heights Closed Circuit Inner Cast Network [Beaucast] - which, even during its heyday, boasted an unceremoniously low 1,753 subscribers.

Since this occurred prior to the home video boom that was about to reshape the suburban landscape, very few episodes of this ultra-obscure series have ever been seen more than once. These matters we…