Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Best Album Never Published [Part Two]

The Best Album Never Published [Part Two]

Marshall McLuhan - From The Archives Of CBC Radio

I have been a huge fan of Marshall McLuhan for almost fifteen years now, even though I had no idea that it was the work of Mr. McLuhan's that had springboarded the works that I had originally discovered.

First I had seen the David Cronenberg film 'Videodrome', which featured a media character called Professor Brian O'Blivion, a man who existed only on television. I was fascinated by the idea of a person communicating only in monologue, and only appearing on television through a closed circuit. I later found out that the character was an homage to Marshall McLuhan.

A college friend, who worked at the University radio station, had made a cassette tape for me of the 'Producers For Bob - Bob's Media Ecology [Squared]' compact disc, a recording so obscure that I have never even found an image of its cover.

On the record, a Toronto radio personality referred to as Bob Dobbs [Aka Bob Marshall, Bob Dean], spoke about concepts of media that literally blew my mind. The fact that the recording was laden with actual sound bites of Marshall McLuhan himself I did not discover until just recently.

Last winter, on the brilliant web resource UBUweb, I found a wonderful selection of McCluhan tracks, including a full-length recording of McLuhan's seminal recording 'The Medium Is The Massage'.
Last night I discovered perhaps the greatest collection of McLuhan audio and video on the website of the Canadian Broadcasting Company. The archive provides an hour and forty-eight minutes worth of Marshall McLuhan material spanning his entire career. Using what has perhaps become my favorite audio program, 'The Total Recorder', I was able to create an album [which in compact disc terms would probably equal a double-disc set] of the audio from these radio and television clips, and a cover for this album [see first image on this posting] with found images from that site and others.

I cannot stress the importance of Mr. McLuhan's influence on me and I hope that any visitor to this electronic journal will spend some time at the CBC archives. I guarantee that any fan of my works will not be disappointed.


01 Poor grammar among 1940s youth

02 Growing up at the McLuhans

03 McLuhan predicts 'world connectivity'

04 A pop philosopher

05 McLuhan for the masses

06 The destroyer of civilization

07 Gzowski interviews McLuhan

08 It's cool not to shave

09 World is a global village

10 McLuhan reacts to his critics

11 McLuhan and Mailer go head to head

12 Left or Right Brain TV

13 'Oracle of the Electric Age'

14 Do you like TV

15 Understanding McLuhan, finally

16 Set up by mom

17 McLuhan's predictions come true

18 Homage to The Runner


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