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This is my favorite Halloween record.

oh what's becoming of me?
Holy Diver
You've been down too long in the midnight sea

I never liked Dylan either Hippy

I voted for John Kerry in the last election and immediately wished I had voted for George W. Bush.

If you invite me over for dinner I will purposely ruin my appetite.

Plaza Of The Mind Self Teaching [Mod2A] The Sixties

Plaza Of The Mind Self Teaching Module [Mod1b]
'The Sixties'

Attempting to answer the question:

'What's the difference between you seeing it on television when it happened and me seeing it on television twenty years later? How were you there any more than I was there? Unless you were really really there, but even if you were you probably weren't so what's the difference?'

The digitized image replaces Darwinian constraints of time and space, leveling the playing field and therefore deeming all mediated experiences obsolete and if not obsolete then at least meaningless.

Summary: To train the baby-boom era user to forget the 'experiences'foisted upon him by mass media since birth. To remind oneself that he was not there and even if he was he was only watching. Being there is limited to a few who become somewhat less Newtonian in makeup. I.E. For Jim Morrison most of life was spent in an altered state of user driven mediated reality, for Jim Normalson li…

Plaza Of The Mind Self Teaching Introduction [Mod1A]

Plaza Of The Mind Self Teaching Module 1A [Introduction]

I have felt an ever growing sense of responsibility in the continued education of my audience. I feel that anyone in a position that creates an audience should dedicate at least ten percent of their energies to the further education of that audience. Therefore I have decided to create a seven-part self teaching module to be completed at the reader's leisure.

The first part of the module [Mod1B] will be available tomorrow.

I look forward to joining you on your continued course of self-education.

Kurt Weller

Five Lucky Stars

Stanley Fung

John Sham

Eric Tsung

Richard Ng

Charlie Chin

A Sore Throat from the Director

A] An image of my sore throat given to me by the director

B] I do not mind the head cold because I do not mind the medicine but the sore throat brings me down...

C] We all like to feel healthy, don't we? Sometimes we must feel sick and I accept that and I feel okay with my sore throat... I will survive.

D] I have been pushing fluids, getting plenty of bed rest and taking vitamins and OTC medications to help me sleep and get through the day in a comfortable manner...

I think of myself as a healthy man, and for that I am thankful. A little sore throat from the director once in a while is the little rain that must sometimes fall.
Image courtesy of the Mesothelioma Cancer Foundation, one of the new indirect sponsors of the Plaza of the Mind.

You may have noticed two new counters at the bottom of the sidebar. These come courtesy of two different web-counter providers:

which provides the unique visitor number and:

which provides the five digit page-view number.

I have installed these two items in the hopes that I might continue to bring the Plaza of the Mind Audience more of the high quality enter/info/irri-tainment that they have grown accustomed to over the past several months.

Incident at the Ha Treat Inn - Kuaii [1964]

'Look out Frank! Chuck's on the rampage again!'

'This is getting stupid Chuck!'


The Day That Michigan Belonged to El DeBarge

'Hey Abi? You seen that chick that look like a Mon Chi-Chi getting drunk in the McDonald's bathroom last night?'

'No man, I was at Creston at the free DeBarge concert.'


'Yeah man, it rocked, Jamal was there and so was Donald and Cedric.'


'Ask them if you don't believe me.'

'Was Mookie there?'

'Yeah, Mookie was there, Tranh and Slick Eddie was there too.'

'Was Kendra there?'

'Yeah, Kendra was there.'

'She got all wacked out on a microtab last night during detention, I'm surprised she was there.'

'She pulled a Ninked and pulled her pants off at the DeBarge show.'

'I bet I know who wasn't there.'

'You're right, Kurt Weller wasn't there.'

'Bet he wishes he was.'

'He sure do. That show was crush groovin'.'

'Did Donald dance?'

'Donald can dance awesome.'

'Impossible Works' (For Piano, Xylophone and Vibes)

Plaza of the Mind is proud to present the five year anniversary edition of:‘impossible works’(for piano, xylophone and vibes)bykurt fredrich wellerperforming as:
‘portia de coverly’- featuring the following V-L-Standard pieces:‘the lunar valet’‘sarah’s engagement’‘the Br-z-l--n manservant’‘the lobotomized love affair’‘the dinner pageant’‘the ghostly shape of eagerness past’‘the communal supper’‘to make this into (a working romance)’

This five year anniversary edition is being made available to all new subscribers to the Plaza Of The Mind Atrium in a limited edition digital version. To claim your copy of Mr. Weller's seminal avant garde recording, simply become a member of the Plaza of the Mind Family by entering your electronic mail address in the box below. Enjoy the music!

Subscribe to Plaza Of The Mind Atrium now to receive your free copy of the five year anniversary edition of 'Impossible Works' (For Piano, Xylophone and Vibes)!


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Return to the Sundrain... Return to the midwifery's bane...

I find you to be a very attractive man... the kind of man I would have been had I not let myself go... I envied you and yours, your hair and your wardrobe... you were a good looking man and I think I loved you, in the way that I could feel love for another of my own...

Return to the Sundrain... Return to the midwifery's bane...

I await the annointment... I annoint the annointed one with the rose and the thorn...

It is very neat and right... Your presence here, but I must ask you one question...

Mr. Sackrison I presume?

Excerpt From New Image

I have been quite intrigued by the most recent events in virtuoso guitarist Edward Van Halen's saga as of late. Greg Lester heard the recent radio broadcast in which Mr. Van Halen claims to have beaten cancer with the help of a Doctor in a foreign country. When asked what the treatment was, Mr. Van Halen stated 'I cannot tell you because I do not want to go to jail.'

This seemingly sinister statement brings several images to mind, most of them reminiscent of the Rock and Roll Fable style of late seventies storytelling, exemplified by novels such as Fred Mustard Stewart's Mephisto Waltz and films such as Rock and Rule and the graphic storytelling medium popularized in Heavy Metal magazine by Angus McKie.

This inspired me to create a new image marrying this sinister statement, the performer and the inherent occultism that the statement created. However, some aspects of said image may be considered objectionable to some of my audience so I will make it available only u…

Plaza Of The Mind Atrium

I have not been overly impressed with the current feedback system
employed by the Plaza of the Mind. I thought it might be a better
experience for all if we had a place within the Plaza to sit back and
relax, discuss and inform.
Hope to see you all there soon![You can enter the atrium by either clicking on the image above or here.]


‑Itham arrived on Monday ‑
at 8am ‑ he was attired in a fresh white suit ‑
it's crispness gave away its newness ‑
a neat and right newness with which the body that wore it claimed its undisputable properness ‑
Itham allowed himself to be escorted into James' home ‑
Itham never gave off a trace of gratefulness ‑
and he was not about to abandon his manner on this visit to his cousin's home ‑
upon entering the foyer he spied a portrait of his father and his uncle standing in front of a horse ‑ he remembered the steed
‑ it was the one that bore his father off to his death
‑ he silently thanked the horse for his new found wealth ‑ Itham was 'the young gentleman' ‑ Itham was escorted into the study ‑ where he found a stunning young woman writing a note at the desk ‑ she paid him no notice
‑ this surprised Itham -
he was usually quite impressive to the ladies


Andrew Bishoff Of The North Coast Bishoffs [Content Edited by Author ] *an excerpt of the work 'Elevator' by Kurt Weller

A young boy that lived down the street from us had been kidnapped on one spring afternoon from school.He had somehow been able to escape his confinement only to find that he was in the home kitty corner from his own.He had made his escape late at night and had climbed into his own backyard only to find his parents watching situation comedies on the back porch of the house. His name was Andrew Bishoff but I called him Andy.They were so relieved to see him that they didn't press charges on the kidnapper.The kidnapper turned out to be a mentally ill teenage girl that had babysat me a year or so earlier.But the last time she had come to the house my mother and father had discovered --------------------------------------------------------------- and told her that she was never to come back to our home.I missed her a great deal and when I heard the story of Andy Bishoff I became quite sad that she had not kidnapped me instead.I wondered if ---------------------------------- and wheneve…

Greg Lester's Grey Benign Stories

I have been totally captivated by Greg Lester's Grey Benign. I had heard him read the story seven or eight years ago and he recently sent me a copy of it via electronic mail. The above image is my interpretation of the story in which an average man finds himself in a life and death struggle in what seems to be the Arizona desert, though he himself is unsure of his exact whereabouts. Through the story, Greg is able to convey a sort of 'dusty lens mood' very reminiscent of the made for television films of the seventies: always occuring in the desert, always involving trouble. Greg's story ends abruptly, and I am unsure whether this is because he was interupted during the writing process or if this was a conscious attempt at leaving the reader disquieted.

I created the above image to show him my appreciation for his work and I hope that he continues to carry on with it. He has been putting a great deal of work into his electronic journal and has also been spending mu…