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The New Voyages

Answering the question 'what if Star Trek had never been cancelled after its third season'.

V.C. Andrews and Arthur C. Clarke and Clank have tickled me

V.C. Andrews

Arthur C. Clarke


V.C. Andrews and Arthur C. Clarke and Clank have tickled me in such a manner that I have neglected my electronic journal. To All of my readers I apologize and hope to assure you that I will get back to my earlier serious electronic journalistic schedule.

Thank you in advance.


'Sometimes even Mike Wallace needed a vacation...'
- anonymous journalistic 'pro' c. 1962

End The Summer With A Donut Picnic!

Summer's almost gone! Wouldn't it be great to end it all with a big blow-out Donut Picnic?

All your friends are going to be there! Don't be a square! Go have fun on your Donut Picnic!

Top 100 Songs of All Time - Poison

Poison.I don't want to break these chains...

I want to hurt you just to hear you calling my name...

Alice Cooper, Poison, 1989.

The opening guitar loop is lyrical and mezmerizing. Alice's vocals at the beginning invite you into a world of confusion and heartache. I would consider this one of the great stalker songs of all time, comparable withQueensryche's Gonna Get Close To You and Sarah McLachlan's Possession.

A Friendly Game Of Pool

Three pitchers...

One six dollar pack of Winstons...

Three games of pool...

Antagonism and comraderie make a fun mix on an early Autumn night...

We have fun at the Pub At The End Of The Universe, and then it is back to work.

Top 100 Songs of All Time - Sailing

Cristopher Cross. Sailing. 1979

Take me sailing. Sailing reminds me of vinyl records and broken dreams... Sailing is heartbreak in audio... a beautiful melody sung through soothing lips...

Michael McDonald's voice is like the tail-side of the adult contemporary coin...

the head belongs to Mr. Christopher Cross...

Top 100 Songs of All Time - What A Fool Believes

What A Fool Believes. Michael McDonald 1980

Reminescent of a waiting room in autumn or a winter morning of adult contemporary. This song has a power in its staccato notes and whimsical baseline...

Michael McDonald's voice is like the tail-side of the adult contemporary coin...

the head belongs to Mr. Christopher Cross...

Domestic Augmentation Series Part C - The Pergola

The frame of section A has been completed...
The bolts are still relatively loose, to allow for final leveling and detailing...
Next the frames for section C and B must be completed, then the decorative shade-enhancing girders will be placed.

Update: The Exorcism [from June 2006]

I have been rather disappointed that Bob Larson has chosen not to include a SPIRITUAL FREEDOM CONFERENCE REPORT from his Portland Oregon appearance at the Emabassy Suites Hotel. I had, quite honestly, hoped to insinuate myself into his fold by my presence at the exorcism. Perhaps I will have to stay tuned and wait for his next appearance...

I am not sure exactly what draws me to this gentleman but I am quite glad that he is doing the work that he is doing: providing entertainment value to believers and non-believers alike.

Domestic Augmentation Series Part B - The Pergola

Domestic Augmentation Series Part B - The Pergola

I work with my hands, ensuring that the fasteners are tight and the posts are level...

I am not afraid to get my hands dirty, though I am afraid of calluses...

In Heaven There Ain't No Beer


In heaven there ain't no beer!
That's why we drink it here
And when we are gone from here
Our friends will be drinking all the beer

Only 34 days until Pulaski Day!

Follow-Up on "A Vision Of Heartache Through Teenage Eyes - Kurt Weller - Age 17"

Eric wrote: This reminds me of a random comic I bought around that age [seventeen]. I have no idea of who the artist was, and it kills me. I remember that it was set on a space ship, and that the art was very organic -- round shapes, pen and ink, with this same feel. Gods I wish I could remember what it was. I loved that comic.

I believe that the comic was called Icarus-Flagship of the Interstellar Rescue Foundation. And yes, the style of the artist, Dave Cooper, had influenced me a great deal. I had copped his 'circle-matrix' style in a great many drawings during that era. Looking back at these covers I wish I had not left most of my comic books in my parent's basement. I may have to go to my local comic book retailer and see if I can find copies of these.

The funny thing is that in researching this post I just realized that I had become a fan of Cooper's more recent work, having copies of both Overbite and Ripple, without realizing that it was the same artist who h…

Posi-Twin + Negi-Twin = Neutra-Twin

And it suddenly made perfect sense...

Domestic Augmentation Series Part A - The Pergola

Domestic Augmentation Series Part A - The Pergola

My wife and I are constructing a pergola on our back deck... We have set the initial beams.

We have been working on this project well into the night... The first girder is up!

More reports to come as progress is made. These will be labeled Parts B-?.

A Vision Of Heartache Through Teenage Eyes - Kurt Weller - Age 17

I've been feeling rather melancholy as of late; As part of some sort of attempt to cope with this feeling I have gone through my original works with the intent of 'cleansing and completing' them. I do this every year or so, taking the raw images and reworking and polishing them until an official version comes to fruition. The images are then moved from the 'draft' archive to the 'completed' archive, where they become an 'official plate' rather than a 'master sketch'. I hope you enjoy this image, 'A Vision Of Heartache Through Teenage Eyes', master sketch c.1988, official plate 2006.

Kurt Weller - Moods Of Golden Love Talk - The Album [Work in Progress]

I began work on my album of spoken verse today, re-exploring poetry written at a younger age, words that reflect a lost feeling, a lost life...
Moods of Golden Love Talk

The first track is entitled 'In The Hall' documenting the youthful sting and confusion of unrequited love. The track can be found here. Please give it a listen, if you like it, subscribe to the Moods of Golden Love Talk... It's free!