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I dreamt of Vesbit...

I dreamt that I had taken Vesbit on a tour of my estate, and after he had seen the casino and the large collection of hotel furniture that was stored in the basement of my abandoned hotel, I took him for a walk on a barren dirt road leading from my estate to an area beneath large power lines. As we walked a large black snake with two paralyzed legs that dragged behind him bit Vesbit. Vesbit became alarmed and I pried the snake's mouth open to see if it's forked tongue was poisonous. I decided that it was and I raced back to Vesbit, holding his hand and eventually dragging him back to my medical workers...

New Lifestyle Decision - Number 0001

I am quite close to implementing a day dream into my standard mode of operation. I will no longer travel more than twenty five miles away from my home without securing overnight accomodations. When I get my oil changed, I drive to the dealership and I need to wait usually two to three hours for the change, the inspection etc. There is a motel next to the dealership and I have always told myself that one day I am going to check in and stay there the whole day, have dinner, watch television while I am waiting for my car to be finished.

I do not enjoy traveling without a base of operation. I feel that if I could slow down my existence in this way that it could do nothing but help me. I have endured much stress and anxiety as of late and I require accomodations. I need rest.

Plaza Of The Mind Wall Accessories For Your Electronic Environment


I began work on my comedy recording this morning. Fifteen minutes of material with three pretty solid bits:


I do not feel confident enough yet to release this recording on a wide scale but I have let a few select colleagues give it a listen and the results have been mostly positive. I hope to continue working on the material until I have a solid comedy album [32 minutes - 16 per viritual side]. Until then, I will make posts with short material lists like the one above. Thank you in advance for your support.

The Night Seattle Just Wasn't The Same...

Maybe someone else had ruined it... Maybe it wasn't even ruined... Maybe it just didn't scratch the spot that itched...

Maybe it was a loss of innocence or a loss of youth... But I haven't been able to stop drinking Americano since...

La Grande Vitesse Of My Youth

[Click on image for redirect to fresh image]

A view of my side of town from the other side of town.

Ultra Cultural Preference Selection Profile Systems Test Version 0001

An electronic version of the flowchart style of cultural preference competition made popular with colleagues at work: [Simply read over the questions here and then click the 'take this poll' option below to make your voice heard!]

Ultra Cultural Preference Selection Profile Systems Test Version 0001

1. Richard Nixon or Pat Boone

2. Bob Newhart or Harvey Korman

3. Lindsay Wagner or Kate Capshaw

4. Andrei Tarkovsky or Richard Pryor

5. Hal Landon Jr. or Hal Landon Sr.

6. Jerry Seinfeld or Jeri Ryan

7. George Lucas or Tomoko Wakase

8. Johnny Carson or Jill Caroll

9. Sarah Silverman or Asia Argento

Take this poll ! View this poll's results !

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Sraes Under Attack!

Sound the alarm! The Sraes Underground Facility is under attack! Sound the alarm! The enemy is attacking Sraes Union with Hydrogen tipped Dan-Missiles! Our beam weapons appear to have too limited a range! Get the Rambulances ready! Casualties will most assuredly be heavy!

The Children All Yell 'We Miss You Son May!'

Son May was my early nineties source for all of the best. Beginning with my purchase of the 'Super Dimensional Fortress Macross - Love, Do You Remember?' Original Soundtrack.

Soon I found my collection growing without having to pay the exhorbinant import prices for most of the soundtracks I was after.

I cannot find any info on Son May online. Only diatribes against their activities by more just-minded otaku seem to exist.

I believe that they came out of Taiwan, and I imagine that they shipped their goods in large boxes to specialty shops in the US, my favorite being the now defunct Mad Cat Comics in Kalamazoo.

Something about the packaging appealed to me. It wasn't quite right. It tried to be right but it got it wrong and in a way that I appreciated.

The college child in my heart yells 'We All Miss You Son May!'

Rot & Die 1999 Hits The '100 Listen Mark'!

I am pleased to announce that my song Rot & Die 1999, recorded by myself and Greg Lester as MDO By-Product, has hit the 100 Listen Mark at Download.Com. This is a joyous occasion, knowing that over the last couple of months the song has been listened to by at least one hundred people! That makes a hundred more people who have heard my words than had heard them in the last fifteen years!

I consider this a personal best. I would like to thank Mr. Greg Lester for helping to make this possible by lending the song his incredible vocal talents, taking my words and making them resonate far better than I ever could have.

I would also like to thank John Kaczanowski who tinkled the ivories on Rot & Die [Live] back in 1991. Plans are in the works for that version to be released quite soon!

I would also like to thank the MDO By-Product fans who have supported us over the years:

Rich Plummer
Chad Sackrison

And to all of our future fans, I would like to thank you in advance.

Thank You!

Record Album Perfect Listen 0001 - [03-23-98] - 'Meet The Residents'

The Residents ‑ 'Meet the Residents'

I've had the album for about three years now and this was the first time that I gave it a really good listen.In the dark setting of my room, the music had a chance to be listened to, and I really did enjoy all of the songs.There is a part in the middle of the album that is really good, it's two or three songs on the piano, which, during my listen, brought to mind images of a girl singing in a cold auditorium, the kind that they have at Cedar Point.It was that part of the album that struck me the most, because, I think, of my love for the piano.The vocals on the album are kind of goofy, but when the Residents do goofy things, it really takes on a much more sinister, ethereal tone than other goofy bands.Perhaps just proving the importance of image as an integral part of a band's effect.

Today I Went Many Places

Today I went many places....

When I woke up I went to:

Fred Meyer

With the wife I went to:

Curtis Trailer

And then I went to:

Fred Meyer
Washington Mutual
Office Max
Midland Library
Autumn Leaves Bookstore
Home Video Library

I came home and had to go out once more to:

Fred Meyer

And then, once more to:

Fred Meyer

Tommy February6

People often ask me what I am listening to these days. I very much enjoy the works of Tomoko Kawase: Tommy February6. She is the coolest. She sings like sweetness. She has the coolest music videos and the coolest singles. After having made the switch to the digital format of music archival and retrieval, she is one of the few artists that I still take the time to track down the physical product releases. Her singles and albums always guarantee a high standard of quality and her music is uplifting and fun to listen to. I highly recommend this artist!

She also goes by the name of Tommy Heavenly6, which is a sort of hard-rocking cousin to her February6 persona. Heavenly6 does not wear glasses and rocks the house! I am currently in the process of creating an exhaustive Tommy collection and have just procured a hefty collection of merchandise from the ubiquitous ebay!

I am quite excited and am looking forward to this shipment!

Mr. Don Rickles At The Chinook Winds Casino - June 10th 2006

Median age of those in attendance: 55...

And now ladies and gentleman, Mr. Warmth himself: Don Rickles...

Mr. Don Rickles, Eighty years young... Performing with a thirteen-man orchestra...

When things were rough, nobody bothered or cared to ask, color or church or synagogue - nobody bothered to ask... why do we need bigotry and nonsense... let us enjoy what God gave us to enjoy. Will Rogers said, 'I never once picked on the little guy, only big people', and let me say to each and every one of you: you are pretty big and I thank each and every one of you...

Update: Entering Warmtoast's July Art Contest

I did not win the July Warmtoast self-portrait contest. I do not feel sad though, I am happy that I entered at all. I plan on entering all of the subsequent contests that that site offers.

Wish me luck!

A Message Left For My Friend w/ Large Head And Many Apologies To His Wife

I had been looking for an excuse to terminate my correspondence with a friend who I had had a falling out with. This was in the mid nineties when I had a difficult time being assertive. I concocted a plot, based loosely on the fact that I had started seeing a girl from Idaho. I decided that I would tell this friend that I had been unable to see him because I had joined an offshoot group of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. I had met a few LDS members while working at a hotel and was fascinated by their faith. Taking creative liberties, I created my own offshoot faith of their religion entitled the 'Sons of Urim', named after one of Joseph Smith's seer stones. I had written the above 'script' to read onto his answering machine because I planned to call when I knew he would be at work. The above page was done recently, marrying the original script from 1997 with a new style of comic that I have been experimenting with.

Idea Log - 'Fishman' Entry 0001

I have recently been suffering small anxieties revolving around my mortality and so have decided to flesh out early ideas I may have had in a more specific manner so they will not be lost to apathy by my sub-standard means of description from an earlier time when my words were not quite as specific as I would have liked them to be.

The following is a short audio transcript describing the idea of the Fishman story, something I had executed sometime between 1992 and 1994. I am unsure where this will go but I hope that in the meanwhile you will at least enjoy this short abstract:

[Idea Log - 'Fishman' Entry 0001]

Standale Tape Number Seven

Standale Tape Number Seven
[August 3rd 2006 - 22 Minutes 44 Seconds]

In this tape Mr. Weller speaks about two of his favorite businesses on the Lake Michigan Drive strip that he can no longer recall the names of: A video game arcade and a used paperback trading shop. He knows that the arcade is no longer extant and assumes that the paperback trading shop has probably closed its doors as well. In this tape Mr. Weller describes his love of Cold War propaganda and Civil Preparedness manuals as well as the lamentable decline of being able to find such materials in shops such as these due to the birth of the electronic auction houses.

You can listen to Tape Number Seven [here].

My Birthday Buddy

The Biennial 'Sam Hooks' Award

Nicole Doll is the ultimate team member of the KGW News Channel 8 family. She reports the news from the field with a kind smile and a compassionate look in her eyes. Last week I saw her reporting from the middle of a storm and was quite impressed by her professionalism. She is perhaps the only newscaster that I like. Most of them are simply tolerated or ignored, not Nicole. Therefore, she is the recipient of my biennial 'Sam Hooks' Award for Television News Excellence.