Monday, July 03, 2006

The Internet Archive

I have found this to be a most invaluable resource. I especially am fond of the collection of public domain films from the cold war era. Anyone who knows me knows that I have been an avid collector of ephemera from this era, and this site is a bit of a goldmine for me [having already downloaded a few more gigs than is healthy].

Besides being a great resource for audio and video, the archive also seems to have a great program for those who want to share their own works as well. I hope to become a part of this when I decide to go public with some of my more esoteric video and audio works.


What People Are Saying About the Plaza of the Mind

...[Plaza of the Mind] impressed me in its magnificent weirdness...this sorta je ne sais quoi that you find in interesting art... ...I mean that purely as a compliment!

Stefene Russell

Plaza of the Mind is a clinamen away from the holeopathic replay by the Android Meme of the old perceptual agon of electrically-programmed youth confronting the Gutenbergian Establishment. Irresistible Force meets Immovable Object.

Bob Dobbs