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Words Of Inspiration

'Always give your best, never get discouraged, never be petty; always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.'

Richard M. Nixon

Entering Warmtoast's July Art Contest

This month's contest is a self-portrait. I submitted this one:

I created this a couple of years ago for fun. I do not expect to win this contest, however, I do not often enter contests so I thought it might be fun to enter this contest.

Information Society On July 29th 2006

I've enjoyed Information Society since my teenage years. One of the premiere bands of that era, marrying pop and the harder beats and rhythms of the industrial music that propelled me through those trying times. So I found myself fifteen years later, seeing them tour for the first time in almost as long...

'Baby just wants to move her body...'

'I remember how it used to be... The world was not a match for you or me... No matter what we used to say...'

James Cassidy hovers over Kacz, projecting his rhythms unto the crowd...

'You drive me crazy when you do the robot and I, I, I like the way you move...'

'I know what you know, I feel what you feel...'

'I'm not exactly in the mood for Mozart and all that kind of goings on...'

'I had a VHS for her to slot and now I never want to go...'

'All of this has happened before and it will all happen again...'

I've felt run down as of late, reminescent of when I had mononucleosis. I feel …

Mr. Burger Deluxe Platter

'I'll have a Mister Platter with a Coke,' I said.
'Coming right up,' he said, 'she'll ring you up at the register'.

Sesame seed bun. Two patties. Special sauce. Lettuce. Pickle. Onion. Side of French Fries and Cole Slaw.

Regular customers refer to the Mr. Burger Deluxe Platter as the Mr. Platter to expedite production.

Mr. Burger also specializes in an Olive Burger.

There is literally only one Mr. Burger (though there are plenty of others who claim the name), and he lives in the greater Grand Rapids area.

People who are really, really in the know, refer to Mr. Burger as Pete's.

Standale Tape Number Six

Standale Tape Number Six [July 27th 2006 - 24 Minutes 58 Seconds]

In this tape Mr. Weller speaks about his status as 'the local color' to the friends that he had left at University. Among those friends was Martin and his girlfriend Becky. He had always felt fondness for the both of them, and he remembers one night in particular that became rather memorable.

You can listen to Tape Number Six [here].

Deriva_K Laboratories

I am quite excited. I emailed Audiologist K at the Deriva_K Laboratory over seven months ago and he [she] has finally responded to me. During 2001 and 2002, the Laboratory was quite busy creating audio and video created solely from pre-existing works. They had a small website [which I had the foresight to archive myself] that lasted for six months during 2002. Audiologist K stated that he [she] has been quite busy as of late, working on a top-secret translation project, but he [she] was quite happy that someone was still interested in their works. He [she] stated that there would be no time in the foreseeable future for a new website to be developed, but that the Laboratory would have no problem with me acting as a sort of distributor*.

I am happy to announce that I will begin to 'host' different tracks by the Laboratory on my Guestservice 2000 site [formerly the Kurt Weller Resource Center], since my storage capacities are limited, the tracks will have to be presented on …

Standale Tape Number Five

Standale Tape Number Five [July 25th 2006 - 24 minutes 16 seconds]

In this tape Mr. Weller speaks about emulation. Emulation of the personality of his friends and co-workers, the building of the personality, the birth of his literary spirt and the necessity for this kind of behavior in creating a sort of 'global' personality.

This is the first Standale Tape Mr. Weller has created in several years and he is quite happy to have a return to the form. Thanks now to new oppurtunities in closed-circuit technologies, you may now listen to this latest tape [here].

Double Agent by Kurt Weller Age 35

Double Agent835 wordsThis title is a direct reference to a short subject I heard at university.The author was a strange girl of moderate build, who, already pale, would powder her entire body in talcum and then accent her eyebrows and lips with a dull chocolate lipstick.There may have been a hint of yellow eye shadow that made her look somehow jaundiced, though that may be an invention of a memory working too hard to remember.She had a huge diamond engagement ring and wore corset-like shirts of a gauze-like material that she had to lace up the front and tight faded blue jeans that made her butt look wide and flat.Her story was basically a rant about how annoying her roommate was and how she had coped with her by blasting a song entitled ‘Double Agent’ whenever the girl entertained her friends.I think that the roommate was a music or dance major and this seemed quite irksome to the strange thin girl because she was always singing or playing show tunes or something equally annoying.I ha…

The Watching Of Luxury Television - Approach 001

'Inklings' - The Catholic Central High School Literary Magazine

An excerpt of page 58, poetry and art by Kurt Weller.

Eddie Thought He Could Take It Loud

He put on the phones
Turned it on high
Enough to blow his brains
Up to the sky

He popped in the tape
Crüe was its name
He knew there was no escape.

I Present More To You To Consider The Meaning

Please click on image to enlarge it...

Algorithm: Season One

To Be Continued...

It's Too Late Baby Now It's Too Late

This song was released during the year I was born. Carole King was 29 years old. The song has sort of been in the back of my psyche since then, probably, somehow, though I doubt I had ever heard it in its entirety until a month or so ago at work, listening to the radio with my clients and co-workers.

This evening I have listened to this song eleven times in a row, in tandem with the new Information Society single 'Back In The Day'. I call this a spiritual insertion into the song 'It's Too Late' because of my attempt to insert myself into the melody, lyrics, mood and tone of the song. 'Back In The Day' has served as a spritual guide to the 'real' world, it's propulsive beats keeping my heart beating at its proper speed, while Carole's voice and song take the time necessary to imbed themselves.

The above graphic is a representation of the actual insertion into my mind, my fingers and eyes creating this image while the songs repeated themselv…

The Standale Tapes

Abstract:Removing the constraints of the traditional narrative style of prose and the inherently repressive editing that plagues most modern poetry, Kurt Weller has chosen the monologue as his means of discourse for describing a fleeting moment of his personal history: the years that he lived in his parents home during the 'time off' periods of a halfhearted university career, the neighborhood in which this home existed and the friends that he shared this time with. This all took place sometime between 1991 and 1994 in a suburban neighborhood called Shawmut Hills, ensconced between the border of Grand Rapids and Walker, just a few miles east of a small village called Standale.
Sound excerpts as well as detailed track listings concerning this project may be found [here].

Irrinationalathon - Chapter 0001.0 [水中は生き生きして来る ]

Chapter 0001.0 [水中は生き生きして来る ]

I've come a long way, searching, dreaming, wondering when I might find you...

I've been everywhere, from the rooftops of the large metropolis...

To the dark and lonely corridors of the North Coast Aquarium...

Holy men and women that I met along the way helped me find a proper direction, and now that I have finally found you I can ask the question that I must ask. But first, to ensure that I have indeed come to the right place, I ask for you to simply verify your identity...

Mr. Sackrison? Mr. Sackrison I presume?

Thoughts On Smoking

It's too bad the surgeon general determined that cigarette smoking is bad for your health. I love smoking cigarettes. I wish they would invent a cancer-free cigarette, or create some test that would determine the odds of your lungs becoming cancerous. If they would medically clear me I would be smoking three to four packs a day. Easy. It must have been great to smoke cigarettes in the grocer and college classrooms. Those must have been the days.

Safety Is No Accident

Like the sign says...

'Safety is no accident', nor is a bullseye...

It is good to come with a professional...

Squeeze the trigger, don't pull it...

Two shots to the chest, one to the head...