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Thoughts On Jennifer Wilbanks

Ms. Wilbank's past was brought back to haunt her by her detractors. While perhaps her earlier choices, choices that were arguably a diservice to her overall well being, were poor when viewed by the public at large, one has to wonder why the hostility, why the resentment and why the blatant mockery of a young lady who lost control of her faculties for a few critical days?

The common reaction to Wilbanks' supporters who claimed that her actions should be excused because she was under severe stress can be summed up by this forum post from last year: "Stressful is not having the money to feed your children, not deciding what to feed your 600 wedding guests...give me a break."This seemed to be the overall consensus of most of the detractors who found it difficult to empathise with the 'runaway bride'. My question is 'why did they care?', why did they become so angry? Was it jealousy of Ms. Wilbanks socio-economic status? Because Ms. Wilbanks, to their want…

The Oregon Trail Branch Of The American Red Cross

Today I attended an instructional First Aid seminar, a task I need to repeat once every three years. I was tired during the class but was able to take away a number of skills from it. But as usual, I seemed to enjoy the interior of the Red Cross building in an aesthetic sense much more than in a practical one. The interior reflects an aesthetic that is surprisingly absent from the exterior of the facility. The classrooms and administration rooms are located on two floors and surround a large atrium with lounge seating, a cafeteria and a coffee cart in the midst of planted trees and broad sky lights. As is often the case, I found myself wishing that I had more of a reason to be waiting in this facility. The break-time only lasted ten minutes and when the class was over I needed to rush back home to take care of other obligations.

When I finally did make it home I saw a special on television concerning Chicago mayor Richard Daley's efforts to make his city a green one:

Gray To Green

A copy of my e-mail to Pana-Wave Laboratory

The simplified English text:

Hello,my name is Kurt, I live in America and I would like to find out more information about your organization. I have been quite interested in perhaps helping you establish an outreach program here. I am unsure if that would be to your liking but would like to hear more from you. thank you for your time.

Translated into Japanese with Google Language Tools [English to Japanese Beta]:

こんにちは、 私の名前は私がアメリカに住んでいる私はあなたの構成についてのより多くの情報を調べることを望むKurtであり。 私は多分助けることにかなり興味があるここに確立するずっと先まで達プログラムを。 私はそれがあなたの好みにあったらが、あなたからの多くを聞くことを望む不確実。 あなたの時間の間ありがとう。

I have found that the Google Language Tools have been quite amazing in helping to navigate the complex Pana-Wave sight, and suggest using them, typing in the Pana-Wave URL and letting the computer create a rough translation. It is exciting and fun!

Pana-Wave's Earth Relief Project

I have been quite captivated by the Pana-Wave Laboratory since hearing about them in 2003 when their leader, Yuko Chino, was being transported by white-draped caravan from one remote village to another in the Gifu Prefecture, in attempt to save her from microwave attacks from Russian terrorists. This activity coincided with Tama-chan's, an albino seal, appearance in the Tama river; the Pana-Wave believed this to be an omen of an upcoming doomsday.
After the doomsday never occurred interest in Pana-Wave dwindled. Articles stopped being written, the Laboratory seemed to have relocated in the Fukui mountains and all was forgotten. This, for me, a non-Japanese speaking person, was bad news. Without any more sensationalism the non-Japanese world soon lost interest in the Pana-Wave Laboratory. I, however, did not.

I began a search and soon found that the group's founder, Yuko Chino, had written several books in English. I was able to track down two of them. I am currently working on …

The Best Album Never Published [Part One]

I had been vaguely aware of Mark Mothersbaugh having collaborated with Hajime Tachibana, but had no idea that it had been enough output to create a full-length album. At the Devo fansite 'Booji Boy's Basement', a rough album has been assembled of these collaborative efforts from the late nineteen eighties. The album is eleven tracks long and had the webmasters at Booji Boy's not painstakingly documented the source of every track, I would have assumed this to be not a collection so much as a carefully planned album.Fans of Mr. Mothersbaugh's work will recognize some familiar melodies, on the track 'Deep River Mansion', the song breaks down into a bridge that many children may recognize as the end titles to the television program 'Pee Wee's Playhouse' for which Mothersbaugh had done the music. Most of the other tracks sound reminescent of Mothersbaugh's proto soundtrack works, published in the late eighties as the 'Muzik For Insomniaks&…

The Exorcism

Last night I had the pleasure of assisting Bob Larson with an exorcism at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Portland.

I have been a fan of Mr. Larson's work for the past five or six years, having first heard about him through the radio-based works of Boyd Rice.
It was quite thrilling to be standing so close to a living, albeit rather obscure, legend, and I found myself drinking in every detail of this exorcists physical appearance: The intensity of his eyes, the wisps of blonde hair on the back of his neck and the impeccable cut of his suit. Mr. Larson had the clean look of the well-kempt, the neatness that comes with sending out one's clothes and frequent spa visits.The night before I had just seen the film 'An American Haunting' and found it rather strange to find myself witness to a similar situation, this time in the flesh, and yet no less theatrical.During the proceedings I continually attempted to keep myself in the center of the camera eye of Mr. Larson's videograph…